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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 23 Review: Hashira Meeting

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Episode 23 Review: “Hashira Meeting”

The last episode left us with a little cliffhanger that will decide the future faith of our two heroes. As we learn during the last episode the demon slayer corporation’s leader decided that both Nezuko and Tanjiro are allowed to fight as demon slayers. But not everyone of the hunters agreed to it. We see the hunters pulling a stunt to really test Nezukos limits. Here is my review of demon slayer episode 23.

The episode starts of with Nezuko fighting her temptation of the taste of blood. For a second, we were led to believe that she wouldn’t be able to hold back. We see her struggling and doing everything in her power not to give in. Reading a lot of prediction most people thought that she would give up and attack him. But as we have seen she has for years being able to hold back from attacking humans. But after minutes of resisting we see Tanjiro breaking free and screaming to his sister. She quickly looks at him and get reminded of all the past moments they had together.

She quickly turns her head from the blood and act disgusted by looking at it. Every single one around her looked completely surprised as she was the first demon to be discussed by blood. The demon slayer corporation’s leader smiles as his theories stands. He knew from the start that she wasn’t a normal demon but rather someone special.

The overall tension during this moment was completely awesome. We see everyone around her watching what decision she will take. We got Tanjiro being held down by the neck. Even though he has suffered from life threatening damages. We later see him break free thanks to all of his adrenaline. During the moment where he screams to Nezuko. We see in his eyes that he would do anything for her. This just shows how much love that exist between these two siblings.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 23 Review: Hashira Meeting

But during the latest two episode it feels like we see the hunter’s dark side. Every single one of them wanted to kill Nezuko and punish Tanjiro for breaking the law. We even saw during two episodes ago, Nezuko being moments from dying. But as we learn during a conversation with the hunters, they have been fighting demons for centuries and hundreds and hundreds of men have been killed to them. So why should they trust this one? If she later takes the road and decides to kill a human, its already to late. The harm has already been down. However, during this scene I got a kind of vibe that they are moving forward to demons and humans living with each other rather than killing each other. The hunters aren’t actually the enemy but rather that everything is just a big misunderstanding.

During the scene when Nezuko and Tanjiro was brought to the demon slayer corperation, we might see most of the hunters as bad. Where they play around with both Nezuko and Tanjiro. We see one of the them hearting her multiple times by stabbing her through the chest. Afterall, from their sight Tanjiro might just be lying to save his sister. But after she proved them wrong it felt like most of the hunters started to believe them. We later see the supreme leader telling the other hunters that Tanjiro is the only demon slayer who has seen Muzan Kibutsuji in their world. However, some of the hunters then starts to understand that Tanjiro might not only be talk, he might have some real skills and potential and the words he says might be true.

Then we need to talk about the supreme leader. The first time we saw him we got this kind of suppression that every single hunter has extremely high respect for him. We saw that the person leading them is a blind man. As Tanjiro said during the last episode the leader had a firm nice voice. We learn that the leader isn’t leading from fear and that he posses a higher power but rather that everyone trusts him, he gets everyone motivated to risk their life for others. However, during his little speech about Nezuko and Tanjiro he does allow his disciplines to prove him wrong. This just show that it exists a total respect between these characters.

I just have to make a side note that this show is incredibly good with the whole storytelling. The writers do a great job with showing both comedy, drama, and action. Even thought we have this fun relationship between Tanjiro and Zenitsu we still got a kind of sad story between them. During the latest episodes when Zenitsu was left alone we got to see this awesome moment where he becomes his other self. We will probably have some great moments in the upcoming episode about him.

After the whole scene with the leader we see all the main characters meeting up again. we see that all of them have suffered from big injuries after the battles. During this scene we do have reunion after the whole forest battle. At the end of the episode we got some kind of happy ending. All of our heroes are back together and Nezuko kind of got accepted by the demon slayer corporation. This does move a step closer to Tanjiro being able to save his sister. That sums up my review of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Episode 23. The episode reached a IMDB rating of 8,8.

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