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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Episode 24 Review: “Rehabilitation Training”

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Episode 24 Review: “Rehabilitation Training”

Tonight’s episode of the show picks up right where it left off. The episode did take a different route than expected. As we know in the recent episodes, all our heroes were hurt from the battle in the woods. After meeting with Kagaya Ubuyashiki and the other demon slayers and deciding the fate of Tanjiro and Nezuko we see them heading of too a rehabilitation center. We were expected to jump a few months in time when the episode started it was the next day here are my Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, episode 24 review.

A lot of tv-shows usually skips the recovery scenes of the characters. After they get hurt, we usually see a time skip for months where our main character than had recovered. But what the writers did completely different was that we got to see the whole thing happen. We did see some time skips between scenes, but it contributed even more to the whole story plot. The rehabilitation scenes weren’t just training but we got to see some more comedy between our main characters.

The rehabilitation didn’t consist with so much of hard training which was good. We just had a few intensive episodes with the whole forest battle and therefor its nice seeing our characters seetling down. During these scenes we also see both Inosuke and Zenitsu acting out a bit. Therefore, Tanjiro kind of becomes a babysitter for them. We finally get to see Zenitsu back on his feet after his depression after the latest episodes. It looks like he has more energy than ever before.

The type of training we see our main characters doing is funny. For the first part we see them getting stretched out where their whole body breaks down, then we get to see them playing a fun splash of water game and last, we see them playing a game of tag. During the first period of the rehabilitation training we see only Inosuke and Tanjiro because Zenistu was afraid to the training. Every day, they would come back to the recovery room totally exhausted. But one day when he decided to join them, he was extremely surprised.

During all the “exercises” we see Zenitsu winning while both Inosuke and Tanjiro are struggling badly. This is because we see that Zenitsu posse’s great strength and power which he only shows in front of girls or when he is passed out. This shows that the only thing he lack of is motivation. we later seen two scenes in the past when he passes out that he posses’ extreme power after the lighting struck him as younger.

The thing I really liked during this episode is how we get to see the earlier stages of demon slayer comedy. We see all our main characters goofing around, where like Zenitsu aren’t eating his medicine because it tastes bad or where Tanjiro learns that all the better demon hunters use total concentration breading. This whole episode was stupid but fun at the same time, I was constantly laughing and just having a great time watching it.

During the episode we also got to explore the silent character Kanao who posses’ great power and skills. The first time when we saw her trying to kill Nezuko I got a feeling that she is going to be a great addition to the show. It’s interesting how she is this mysterious girl that we nearly know nothing about. At first it feels like she was kind of a weak character, but we learn that she has extremely power full lungs where she is able to crack a bit pot open.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Episode 24 Review: “Rehabilitation Training”

This just shows that Tanjiro has a long path to go before he reaches his peak. This is good because we have seen him doing a lot of badass stuff which puts it in perspective that he still has a lot to accomplish. This shows why most of the characters laugh when Tanjiro tells them he is going to be the best demon slayer.

Most parts of the episode were filled with comedy which wasn’t directly a bad thing but when we got to the part of Shinobu I was extremely satisfied. We finally get to learn what the real deal is with her. At first, she seems to be this nice and horrifying person at the same time. We learn what is behind her smile and what her back story is. Tanjiro tells her that he notices that she feels like an angry person on the inside. At first, she explains that her main goal is for humans and demons to become friends. She than explains that she can’t understand how you could feel bad for a demon who hurts humans. She than continues to explain that her sister has always been trying to become friends with demons.

After her death Shinobu than decided to carry out that burden and try to achieve that goal for all humans and demon to become friends. She later explains that she gets angrier and angrier after every demon she kills but must put on a smile and try to befriend demons. But now when she found Tanjiro who has the same idea and beliefs like her sister. She felt like she could split the burden with Tanjiro. Reading a lot of comments, a lot of people were confused when we first were introduced to her. Going back to the forest battle we hear her saying a lot of weird stuff to the demons and at first it was hard to understand why. This made it so interesting to learn the back story to why she did those things.

I really think this episode was great because, we learned that most of the characters aren’t what they seemed to be but rather are multi-layered in their own way. I’m interested to see how the last two episodes of the season is going to be like. There are a lot of opportunities for the writers what to do if they either are going to give us a cliffhanger for the next season or if they end it of in a good way. But overall the writers have done a great job with the whole show so either way they end the season it’s going to be great. That sums up my Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, episode 24 review.

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