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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Episode 26 Review: “New Mission”

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Episode 26 Review: “New Mission”

Tonight’s episode brought us an extremely good day for the demon slayer community. On one hand the Demon slayers season ended but on the other hand they confirmed a sequel movie that will adapt to this train art, which has been hyped up for as long as we can remember (GreenLit). This is incredibly good news, where they will be able to work on both projects simultaneously, a next season and the movie. Because the show has received incredible feedback there is an extremely high chance that there will be a next season. Here is my review of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Episode 26 “New Mission”.

The episode had a really satisfying ending which ended on a high note that didn’t have any cliffhangers. It felt like one journey got concluded, where afterwards they had training, rehabilitation and they have evolved and now they are moving towards the next journey. This gave us a really satisfying episode and honestly, I would say that this episode was one of my favorites. Because, the first half was extremely astounding with the whole demon massacre, where we see Muzan Kibutsuji wiping out the lower demons. However, the second half we got the emotional buildup where we see a lot of characters relationship being built, like Tanjiro and Kanao. This have us a good balance between getting our adrenaline pumping but also slowing it down and having those amazing emotional scenes.

As we mentioned before the first half gave me the same feeling as episode 19, when we saw Tanjiro and Nezuko fighting one of the twelve Kizuki. It felt like it had the same built up, but this time it gave me some chills and left me horrified. During this scene we really get to see why Muzan has been able to hide his identity for so long. He can literally shape his aura physical appearance. Entering the scene, we were kind of clueless what all of those demons were doing there and why everything was being warped and replaced. We see on the demons faces that they also where clueless but at the same time they were extremely terrified. This scene gave us some memorial moments where we for the first time get to see firsthand what Muzan can do.

This scene was a great example of the different between having an anime with a large budget behind it. If this scene didn’t have the 3d perspectives and camera angels, it wouldn’t have been nearly as satisfying and creepy as it was. We see characters standing on the ceiling, walls and we see the camera rotating and flying through the room. This really made it look like the viewer was a part of the show and we were being twisted and turned. As we know when Tanjiro where fighting one of the twelve Kizuki we got to see that some demons have some extraordinary powers but compared to the big boss, its child’s play.

During this moment I was surprised that he nearly wiped out the whole lower branch of the twelve Kizukis just to find out which one was worthy. This shows that he is only willing to keep the top tier demons. This is going to bring a kind of twist because as we saw before Tanjiro was struggling to kill a lower tier. How is he going to handle a higher tier in future? This just shows that the series has a lot to offer in the future.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Episode 26 Review: “New Mission”

But coming to the other half of the episode with all of the slower scenes, was just as memorable as the other scenes. I loved the situation with the whole coin toss. As we know we only have seen Kanao spook once back in episode 20 where she was trying to hunt down Nezuko. But when we learned her story in the last episode, we found out why she doesn’t talk or react so much. But when we got to see her tossing a coin and deciding to speak with Tanjiro I got really excited. We got to see a whole different side of her. After she tossed the coin Tanjiro breaks up and tells her that she needs to start following the voice in her heart.

Afterwards we see Tanjiro throwing a coin that will decided if she either will listen to her heart or follow the coin. After a long coin toss, we see it landing on heads which is listen to her heart. She is quickly surprised when she sees Tanjiro running away and screaming “good luck!”. She replied with “how did you get it to land on heads.?”. Tanjiro replied with that he would keep tossing the coin until it would land on heads. Above all, this feels like a memorable moment because it didn’t give off that cliché feeling, but rather you can wait to see the future of those twos’ relationship.

This is one of the reasons why Demon Slayer is a great anime. Even though we have all these fight scenes; the slower scenes are just as memorable. We see Kanao improving her character and growing up from her bad childhood. She will in the future stop tossing coin and start listing to herself. This just shows that why some many fans from different countries, ages are in love with the show. It hits all the boxes whether you’re in it for the visuals, soundtracks or characters. This show has brought people who has never watch anime to loving it just because the show is spectacular.

As we know a lot of fans grew quickly to love the show. As of yet there haven’t been any confirmed dates when the movie or the next season release dates are. Nevertheless the movie should be released in 2020 and the next season 2021. A lot of time has been put into making this anime and if they are going to keep up the standards, it will take them about 1,5 years until the next season. However, this isn’t bad news, from some leaks it shows that the movie is going to be even more mind blowing than the TV show. That Concludes my review of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Episode 26 “New Mission”.

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