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How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Worth Watching?

How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Worth Watching?

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is a German coming-of-age comedy-drama web television series. The first season, consisting of six episodes, was released on 31 May 2019, on Netflix. Moritz Zimmermann (Maximilian Mundt) is a 17-year-old drug kingpin who has learned how to move enormous amounts of drugs online without being detected. He starts to tell the tale of how this started.

The new comedy-drama television series “How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” has been trending on Netflix ever since the release of the show. The story is based on a real story and an 18-year-old teenager named Maximilian S. In 2013, Max created an online shop called Shiny Flakes to sell drugs from his own house. Thanks to his knowledge in the tech industry he developed a super-successful business. Max made millions of euros before he eventually got caught and later imprisoned. But the show and the real story have a lot of similarities which makes the show even more enjoyable. Read more of the true event here

Moritz Zimmermann is a 17-year old tech nerd who during the show learns how to move large amount of drugs online without being detected. The idea to start this business was to win back his former girlfriend. The girl is Lisa Novak who has more or less been his girlfriend his entire life. In the beginning of the show she comes home after studying in New York for a while. When she arrives, she tells Moritz that she needs a break in their relationship.

Devasted after the event he tries to log into her Facebook account to see what she has been up to. In the process he discovers that she has changed and during her time in New York she has start partying and using drugs. When she came back to her life in Germany, she started to hang out with the guy that deals drugs. The drug dealer and Lisa start to build up a relationship between them. To deal with this problem Moritz came up with the idea to buy up all the drugs from his supplier which would result in that his girlfriend would come back to him. The idea to deal drugs later grew from this event.

Our Take

The show is a typical “losing the girl and doing anything to win her back. In the beginning of the show you start to build up an empathy for Moritz after losing his long-time relationship. But in the upcoming episode the character turns into this creep who stalks his former girlfriends Facebook. He also invaded a party he wasn’t invited to and started a fight.

Moritz memories of his former girlfriend

In the show Moritz isn’t a fan of the current teenager generation. He talks about how the kids in his age spend all their time in front of their phones and how they build up this fake image. He doesn’t buy into that; he figures he’ll get his due eventually. “Nerd today, boss tomorrow,” aping the paths that folks like Jeff Bezos took to prominence.

During multiple times in the show the scene breaks to where Moritz talks about how Netflix is doing a series about his story. The show starts with him saying “if you’re selling large quantities of drugs on the internet, there’s one thing you should never do, tell total strangers about it. Unless, of course, Netflix calls and tell you they want to do a series about your life.” This quote starts the show up in a both happy and exiting mood.

The serise has one season with 6 episodes with a length of 30 minutes per episode, starring Maximillian Mundt as Moritz Zimmermann, Danilo Kamber as Lenny Sander, Lena Klenke as Lisa Novak, Damian Hardung as Daniel Riffert and Leonie Wesselow as Fritzi.

Our Call

I highly recommend watching it. The show became one of my favourites shows quickly and moved West World out of my Top 6 series. Seeing the nerdy teenager become a drug lord will be an interesting watch!

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