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Suits – Season 9, Episode 6: ”Whatever It Takes”

Suits Season 9 Episode 6 Review: ”Whatever It Takes”

Tonight’s episode of the show was a bit different then usually. The episode was mostly focused on Katrina Bennett. As we know from the last episode Katrina has been going through a tuff time with her encounter with the character Brian. We also know that the last episode left of with Samantha Wheeler getting fired. We get to see our main characters trying to find ways to get her back. Here are my Suits Season 9 Episode 6 review!

The episode starts off with all of our main characters on the roof of the firms building. We see Harvey, Donna, Louis and Alex discussing what has to be done in order to get Samantha back. They all agreed that they will do anything to get rid of Faye to reinstate Samantha. The scene later cuts to Katrina entering her office and gets caught of guard when she sees Brain. She quickly asked him what he was doing here. He then replied with “didn’t you get my message?”. She felt embarrassed because she remembered that she removed without listening to it. He later explained why he was back. He had received a case about a client who supposedly was forced out of his company. However, she later replied that I could get your thrown out of the case for having a personal conflict.

He later asked her for favour and that she wouldn’t get him thrown of the case. He explained that his position at his firm has been getting worse and that he really needed this case. She agreed that they would have a fair battle. During the rest of the episode we see Katarina with her new “friend” helping her out on the case. Even though she blackmailed Katarina in the recent episode we see them both bounding and becoming good friends. A couple of scenes later where both Brian and Katarina where going to discuss the case with a judge we see Katarina being late. We see her with sunglasses and not ready at all.

When she entered the room, we see a clip from her perspective. She was dizzy and couldn’t even see the person in front of her. The judge was pressing her harder when she had a hard time of responding. Brain quickly understood that she had a migraine and told the judge that he would have a talk with his client before the case moves forward. Brain and Katharina later talked in the hallway where she told him that he shouldn’t have done that. He replied with that he understood that she had a migraine. She told him that he doesn’t need to look out for her, but he answered that “now we are even”.

Later in the episode Katharina and her friend was able to find evidence that Brains client was lying and that the evidence was enough to get the hole case throw out. However, Katharina told her that they should cut a deal, but her friend disagreed. The evidence was enough for them to win the case. But Katharina told her that Brian was still a friend and that she wanted him to get a small “win”. Therefore, after a couple of seconds she understood that she needed to let go of him. However, we later see both of them talking after the case was over. Above all, Brain said that he didn’t want a deal in the beginning because he wanted to spend time with her again. She was surprised that he still had feeling for her. Katharina told him that she needed to move on.

Suits – Season 9, Episode 6: ”Whatever It Takes”
Louis and Harvey

On the other front we se Samantha trying to find dirt on Faye to get rid of her. In order to achieve this, she contacts an old FBI friend to investigate her. But in order for him to do that she has to help him first. The FBI has been tracking one of her clients for a long time and the favour is that she needs to help them to find dirt on him. She quickly completed the task with some help with Alex. After she was able to complete it, we see Robert coming back to help her. Before she gave the agent, the information Robert had gathered an agreement that wouldn’t put Samantha in any danger. They were afraid that the FBI would at some point use this information against Samantha.

We also see both Harvey and Louis trying to find more dirt on her. They were digging up Fayes past and noticed that she had leveraged her ex-husbands money with his crime. After he had committed the crime, she was able to squeeze out every single penny out of him. But a couple of scenes later we see Harvey and Faye talking. She explained that the real reason behind that wasn’t for the money but rather for her daughter. She didn’t want her daughter to do know that her father is a criminal. At first Harvey thought that this was just a trick to get out of the situation, but it ended up that Harvey didn’t want to use the information to get rid of her.

The episode ends with Harvey and Samantha having a sit-down conversation in Harveys apartment. He told her that he was sorry for everything which she quickly replied with “it wasn’t your fault”. Samantha later told Harvey that a private investigator had just found her real father. She asked Harvey if he could follow with to meet her father for the first time. Tonight’s episode didn’t progress a lot in the main storyline, but we got to see some more bounding relationships and we also got to see Robert again. Overall the episode was great and achieved a IMDB rating of 8,6.

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