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Titans Season 2, Episode 1 Review: “Trigon”

Titans Season 2, Episode 1 Review: “Trigon”

Titans are finally back with another episode after the thrilling cliffhanger at the end of season 1. The show picks up right where the cliffhanger took place, where Dick Grayson gets possessed by Trigon, Rachel’s father. The final episode of the season 1, we got to see Rachel unleashing her father from hell where he had been trapped for a long time. But at first, she thought that he was a good person, soon to learn that he only uses her to get back to earth and destroy it. We get to see beast boy trying to save Rachel multiple times and then both of them trying to escape from her father. Here is my Titans season 2, episode 1 review.

The remaining members of the team are outside trying to find their way in. On the other front there’s a moment where Hawk and Dove go to ask for Batman’s help but soon to learn that Batman is out with the justice league fighting on the other side of the planet. I feel like during this season we are going to learn much more where Batman has been and why he didn’t help the titans. We later see Jason Todd, Robin, to help out instead. They all gather up outside the house and entering it together. However, the secound they stepped inside; they all received a mine control over them. Which was the same that was done to Dick Grayson in the last season.

During all these mind controlling scenes we see that they all choose to kill whoever it was in front of them. Personally, I think that not everyone should have taken this dark road ahead but that someone would be able to break free. But I also understand that it does make it interesting, where all our heroes went down this dark path. We saw each one of these heroes not only make the choice to kill, but also become a disciple of Trigon. Afterall, it made the heroes look very weak, in fact that neither one of them was good enough to fight back the temptation.

We later get to see some horrible scenes, first we saw beast boy being kicked repeatedly by the other members. Then we get to see Trigon ripping his daughter heart out which he later uses to create a crystal to put onto her head. The crystal possesses her as well it allowed him to achieve his true demon from of himself. We later see Trigon killing Rachel’s mom which is a complete surprise and waste of a character.

The we get to see Trigon moving outside the house where everything around him instantly dies. Where we thought that all hope was lost, we see beast boy touches Rachel’s hand and getting her out of the possession. During this moment it felt like we got our happy ending. I liked that we were able to get our heroes out of the situation. But that leaves one thing, it just feels weird how Rachel had her heart ripped and come back like nothing ever happened. Rachel wakes up and we see that she’s herself again. She goes inside dick Grayson’s head where she is trying to save him after he killed Batman in the Batcave. After some struggling, she was able to pull him out and saving him from the possession.

Titans Season 2, Episode 1 Review: “Trigon”

We later see Rachel with all of her powers running outside to fight her dad. During this scene I thought we would get an extraordinary battle, but instead it was over in seconds. I don’t know if she killed him, but she banishes him back to the hell. The weird feeling, I got from watching the first episode is that it seemed like it would be a proper finale to season one. However, in the second part of the episode we see that everybody is unpossessed, and the group essentially splits up.

Later part of the episode we see a first glance of Slade Wilson. At first it just looks like this old man with an eyepatch. We see him watching the news where it shows that the Titans are back. It looks like he then decided to get out of whatever retirement he was. We see him cutting his hair and going back to his hideout with all his guns and his suit. So maybe he’ll start hunting the Titans down. Honestly if you have Deathstroke as the villain of season 2, I much rather look forward to it then the whole demon’s stuff that we got in season 1. I get the its deeply rooted and connected to Rachel, but I would rather not see more of it.

We later during the episode see Dick Grayson meeting up with Bruce Wayne. We finally get to see him in the flesh. I really love the actor who is playing Bruce Wayne. He is an incredibly famous actor from bunch of things like Game of Thrones. But overall, I really like the idea of an older Bruce Wayne. He’s not retired moreover is he at his prime. So, he is looking more towards the next generation. I like that it was moving forward for Dick Grayson where is starting up the team again. He gets a hideout in San Francisco. He brings everyone there and that’s how the episode ends.

If you look at the first half of the episode, I’d say yes it was a good finale to season one. I wish that we had gotten it last year and didn’t have to wait for it. I like the last half of the episode because it was a proper introduction to the new season. Overall it was a fine episode. I’m really looking forward to the future and what this series has to show us. That sums up my review of Titans season 2, episode 1. The IMDB rating of the episode reached 8,2.

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