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After Life Season 1 Review

After Life Season 1 Review: “The Dramatic Change”

After life is a new Netflix original tv show that runs for six episodes, and each episode length is about thirty minutes. After life main character is Tony who is played by Ricky Gervais. Tony have this perfect kind of life until he recently lost his wife to cancer. Therefore, since her death, he has been having a tough time dealing with it. During the first season of the show we get to follow around his day-to-day life which is a tragedy. Tony is in major pain; he’s contemplating suicide and he has this very cynical and kind of pessimistic attitude. He decided with it that he is going to go around telling his friends and co-workers exactly what’s on his mind. Here is my review of After Life season 1.

In the beginning of the show we see that the main character doesn’t live in fear anymore. People who were trying to mug him or threaten him doesn’t affect his emotions. He started to look at life like; I’m going to kill myself anyways, so what’s the point in even caring? This led to his reckless actions which includes that he starts doing whatever the hell he wanted to do. We follow him throughout work where he works as a journalist covering these absurd stories, like as this woman trying to create some pudding with her breast milk or the parents that dressed up their baby to look like Hitler. For instance, you can imagine there’s these funny situations where he’s telling everyone what is exactly on his mind.

This kind of behavior starts to be treated like a superpower, where he is going around telling people what is on his mind just having no fear on what the consequences could be. But as you can hear his actions does make him become a little bit of a jerk. He starts hurting people and not taking in consideration other people’s feelings. Consequensly, during multiple times of the show we see him dealing with being confronted with these choices; if he can find happiness out of life? If there is still value to life? Is there value in making other people happy?

That’s the show main build up. We’re seeing his day-to-day life from what it used to be, what it is now and what it could maybe be in the future. However, throughout the show we get to see his relationship with his wife prior to her dying. We saw that they used to have a fun relationship and mess with each other a lot. In conclusion, we learn that prior to her death she recorded a long video telling her husband to how he should continue living. So overall, I did really enjoy the show. I think if you’re a fan of Ricky Gervais you will quickly like this kind of humor. The show can be a bit of vulgar at times. The c-word in the UK is used loosely, it’s not like how it is in America.

The biggest thing when I watch a film or a miniseries is whenever it brought me any value out of it? Did it give you some good messages and/or some good reminders? Some of these messages were; do you take life too seriously, don’t take what you have for granted. Some of these messages is about what happiness can be and how you treat other people. As far as the humor goes, I really enjoyed what it had to present. It felt like the humor progressed as the season progressed. So, in the later episode’s things got a little bit better.

Ricky Gervais wrote and directed the show. I really like how the character took up such a big part in it. In addition, we have been seeing a lot of other people doing the same thing lately. People star in the show, they write the show and direct it. I think he did an excellent job with the use of timing on certain things, like editing or finding the correct kind of music to use at certain parts and at certain times. However, fair warning, this show does deal with some heavy themes such as suicide, drugs, and overdoses. That include my review of season 1 of After Life. We haven’t received any news if there is going to be a next season, but due to the show growing in popularity. We should probably see at least one more season. The show got an IMDB rating of 8,4.

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