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Arrow the best possible ending

Arrow The Best Possible Ending For Season 8

For a long time, I have been hoping the end of the show arrow will take place. The fact that it’s a reality that we now know that it will end after season 8. It’s been on my mind ever since how this show could end in a satisfying way to please the fans and please people. It has been eight years since the first season of the show got released. Here are theories on Arrow best ending.

My first wish for the final season of Arrow are that they have stop with the flashbacks and flash-forwards. I enjoyed the flashbacks in season 1 and season 2 because they were all connected to the main story and it made sense over how it was connected, how it was the struggle of Oliver the inner turmoil that he was going through, and how it all tied into Deathstroke. It just it made sense but come season 3 they take him off the island and bring him to Japan and then they bring him back to the island in season 4 to have him deal with magic. Then season 5 he’s in Russia, what is the point of all of this convoluted mess especially the explanation over how Oliver was rescued and how it was planned out and how it wasn’t what we were led to believe in the pilot episode. In the recent season they have started to do flash forwards. All of the flash forwards are so freaking uninteresting and every time they show up these scenes of the future and we’re seeing older characters of people which has no impact on the story

The side and main characters

Get rid of team arrow. I like the idea of Oliver having a team at the beginning because it was something different, it was something original when it came to superheroes. But now we’re at the point where they’ve relied too much on him having a team and him having partners. This show proved to be at its strongest in the earlier seasons when it was Oliver by himself, when it was him going up against villains by himself and having to persevere and deal with it on his own.

Characters like Dinah Drake really what does she mean to the plot where, she means to the overall structure of the show. Renee I can’t tell you enough on how sick of this guy. Curtis is somebody that I want to like I want to get into, but he too feels like he’s just here just to be here. I think the show and this final season would be so much stronger if it focuses purely on Oliver Queen, Otherwise the Arrow wont achieve the ending it needs..

If you they decide to focus on other characters, focus on the core characters, the most likeable characters. I’m talking about Diggle who has been there since episode one, Laurel Lance (who technically isn’t the real Laurel Lance. She’s earth too she’s black siren). Katie Cassie is still there I still think that you need to have her have more of a connection to Oliver or more of a story with him because right now they barely interact. Thea is his sister so I couldn’t even understand why they would write her off the show.

Arrow the best possible ending

What about Oliver Queen?

We need a badass villain for the last season to get Arrow the best ending. Whoever you decide to make the main villain, it needs to be somebody good, it needs to be somebody that’s believable, threatening and somebody that can go toe to toe with Oliver. I also would like it to exist more than one villain like for example White Rabbit. I really think we could use some female. Another perfect villain could be dr. death who is another Batman villain that’s very creepy, especially when he becomes full form. I’d love to see what they would make him look like in live action. Magpie is another Batman DC character, a female who was a jewelry thief. Catman is somebody that they haven’t used yet, he is a hunter who turns into a villain

The thing that has to happened in the final season of arrow to make it good, is Oliver needs a hero’s end. The big rumor and the big theory that is probably the case Oliver is going to die during the crisis on Infinite Earths plot. The big crossover that’s going happen, but you need to give him a heroes end, you need to give him a hero’s journey.

I can’t imagine what his work schedule was like how much fighting and how many scenes he had to do since he is the main character and he has been the guy in all of these episodes of not only his own show but showing up on all the other shows. He has been the face of the CW, DC world for so long. If he is going die it has to be a big deal. We must be so emotional affect by that moment so most of the viewers will cry when the character gets killed off. Either way if one of these theories will come to light, I think the writers will be able to give Arrow the best possible ending. Overall the show has reached 7,6 on IMDB.

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