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Dark Season 2

Dark Season 2 Review: They Deserve More

Dark is the best story about time travel than I have ever seen on either the big or small screen. Created by the husband wife filmmaking duo of Bran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. This might be the most complicated story from a structural standpoint that I’ve ever seen. Events that take place in the future have massive impact on events in the past creating paradoxes and time loops that just might make your head explode as you try to make sense of them logically. But what makes this show unforgettable is how the emotions of the story the sexual tension the terrible threats the characters are facing. Here is my Dark season 2 review.

I’m thrilled beyond words that Netflix it’s already given the go-ahead for the third season. I’ve always enjoyed reading giant science fiction and fantasy sagas that require the use of an appendix or a guide in order to navigate the story properly. But Dark is the first TV show of ever watch where I’ve had a similar experience. Even after watching season 1 twice as a binge watch season 2, I found myself constantly checking online to confirm details about the characters in terms of their parentage and their relationships and how they’re all connected. We cant forget the main key frace of the show; “the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end and everything is connected.”

The big question most fans are going to debate overall is whether season 2 is better or worse than season 1. It’s a fair question, I’ll admit that during the first few episodes of season 2 I worried initially that the season would struggle to recapture the magic in the first season. But then at the end of episode 4 we were treated to an awe-inspiring revelation. I realized that this showed someone managed both to sustain and build upon the insanity of the first season and take it to even weirder heights.

But at the end of episode 4 we learned that the hero and the villain of the show are the same person. As it turns out Jonas is Adam. The monster who’s been horribly disfigured as a side-effect of time-travel. Having failed repeatedly to set everything back to normal, now as an embittered cynical old man. Adam decided that he he would break the endless cycles and time loops and build a new world. He tricks his younger self into believing that Adam wishes undo all the horrible things that have happened in Wind.

Dark Season 2

It blows my mind that a story that began as a simple case of a child going missing in a small town has grown into this sprawling sci-fi saga with the fate of the entire world hanging in the balance. At the end of season 2 cliff-hanger we learn that it exist alternate worlds and realities.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the fate of the entire universe and all parallel realities will some also be at stake in the next season. Yet the show somehow has remained grounded focusing on the lives of these simple characters living in the small town of Windin. Episode 6 of season 2 was a masterstroke. The show took a breath slowed down and let us enjoy the company of all these characters again. As they were before all hell broke loose. Jonas travels back to June 20th, 2019, six months before the events of season 1 to try and save his father’s life. Everyone seems heartbreakingly innocent, we see them partying, falling in love, riding bicycles, swimming in the lake and if not for this wonderfully calm episode to ground the story again the show very easily could have flown off the rails.

In addition, this episode also gives us my favourite bootstrap paradox. During the season we learn what a bootstrap paradox is. When an item or information is sent back in time creating a never-ending cycle. They explain it the idea item no longer has any real origin, it exists without ever having been created.

In episode 6 our time-traveling Jonas pretends to be as innocent naive self who lives in the same period. He covers up the scar on his neck and he sits down to talk with Martha by the lake, and as Martha stares at him with this beautiful intensity, Jonas tells her I think we’re a perfect match before they enjoy a big smooch. It’s this moment that sets in motion, the evening of love making that for the time-traveling Jonas was so long ago but for the innocent naive Jonas is about to take place that night.

Where the innocent naive Eunice here’s Martha precisely say the same words, I think we’re a perfect match. Seeing this show combine the concept like a bootstrap paradox with an incestuous teen romance is why this show is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. A quick reference, we just saw Jon Snow getting in on with his aunt Daenerys Targaryen and now I have Jonas willingly pursuing his dead sister. Consequences be damned not to mention the fact that Jonas’s mother Hannah has made love to both Martha’s dad Ulrich as well as Martha’s brother Mikkel. So, when it comes to pure raw melodrama, this is a tough combination to beat. But after seeing the season 2 cliff-hanger my question is whether the Martha from the other world will fall in love with the Jonas who’s just seen the Martha, he loves shot dead by Adam.

The nagging concerns about being in love with your aunt would no longer be relevant. Offering a complete synopsis of this season and a breakdown of all the characters is totally beyond my fragile powers. Obviously, the ideological war between Jonas and Adam is the spine of this tale. There’s so much more to enjoy, as more and more character’s sort of learning about time travel, I worry that the show would come unglued. The show produced a great solution to combine all these characters into one group. As we come to learn Adam establishes an organization known as the travellers whose motto is “seek moon discreate assess” meaning “thus the world was created”.

The villain Noah and his younger self or both are very eager disciples, but it appears as if the older world-wearier Jonas initially founds the core group when he saved Magnus Franziska and Bartosz right before the apocalypse. I loved their lair that we see in the year 1921 deep underground where featured front and center is the painting the follow the damned by peter Paul Ruben’s. The painting gets all the way back to 1620 and where someone threw acid on it. In 1959 but the painting famously depicts the bodies of the Damned being hurled into the abyss by the Archangel Michael. Throughout the season it becomes a beautiful visual reminder of Adam’s apocalyptic vision and the existence of the travellers also answered most of my questions from season one. As to how the tunnels and the doors beneath the nuclear power plant were created in the first place.

Would make me laugh about the season is how much I got wrong on my predictions ahead of time. I assumed wrongly that we’d be spending quite a bit of time in the distant future but as it turns out we barely spent any time there at all. Apart from Unisys discovery of the god particle and Elizabeth’s subsequent attempt to hang him. Also, the story of Elizabeth makes me so sad, in season one she was one of my favourite minor characters. But in the future, she’s a scarred ruin of a human being, leading a small cult promising them salvation. We learn that she at some point has a child with the villainous Noah. The child is Charlotte who in her own time gives birth to Elizabeth. That means Elizabeth is both the daughter and the mother of Charlotte all at once.

When they’re adult selves finally meet through a portal opened by the god particle or dark matter. Their moment of contact appears have been the catalyst that ignites the apocalypse. As if a paradox that unusual is more than the world can handle. The apocalypse would have proceeded according to plan whether they met or not. Which greatest out throughout the season we’re constantly reminded of the countdown to the apocalypse in each and every era, given the season overall a feeling of a ticking clock scenario that’s completely totally independent from any specific year.

Dark Season 2

As I have mentioned before the greatest strength of the show is its ability to remain grounded even when conceptually the ambitious writing is aiming for the moon. The attention to little details important, in the very first scene of the season we see the young Noah stabbing a non-believer repeatedly with the pickaxe is absolutely gruesome and we’d have to just sit there and endure each and every poke as Noah stabs it got over and over again to the back.

The scene where Ulrich has an incredibly old man finally gets to be reunited with the son Miguel. Briefly nearly brought me to tears. It was a great call back to the very first episode of the very first season when Miguel was explaining to his dad how’s magic trick functions. This delicate balancing act between highbrow concepts and simple grounded human emotion is what makes me such a fanatic for the show. In a moment that perfectly captures his contrast we see Franzese Gus shrieking at her parents about keeping secrets. Francisca chooses to bundle her dad’s interest in a transgender hooker right in with his knowledge of time travel. Two topics that ordinarily would not be mentioned in the same breath. A typical conflict between a child and her parents. This is the world of dart and these are the concerns that the teenagers are facing.

If I had to call attention to any flaws this season, I have two minor gripes. The character Noah could have been better put to use this season. He ended up being overshadowed by Adam, which dosent fit his charcter very well. Whereas in season one no was absolutely the heart of darkness. It seems like when it comes to the violent dark side of things perhaps this season tap the brakes just a little bit.

There wasn’t a single scene in the entire show that captured the nightmarish brutality of when Euler tries to kill the child Helga in the very first season. Also, I have to admit that the very last episode didn’t quite have the punch in the epic feel of the season one finale. These are minor gripes but I’m perfectly willing to concede that this season is not without its fair share of flaws.

But when you compare these flaws to the overall concept in the overall execution these flaws are to feel like ridiculously small drops in an exceptionally large bucket. Overall, I remain an incredibly satisfied fan as a kid like the Terminator and back to the future used to represent the high-water mark of traveling adventure. While I still love those movies for many reasons clearly the new heavyweight champion of time-traveling shenanigans is Dark. My only hope is that between cycles 2 & 3 this ship picks up the massive audience it deserves. Watch this for More Information and a Review.

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