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devilman crybaby review

Devilman ”Crybaby” Review

The remarkable tv-show Devilman Crybaby is a miniseries made by Netflix original. The show introduced a new type of genre that we are usually not represented in anime. The show has enormous amounts of violent, drugs and nudity. The show is based on a person being possessed by a demon and becoming a devil man with the heart of a human and the body and strength of a demon. Here is my review, thoughts and ideas from the show.

As we know this show represent a lot of what the bible stands for and how the demons will one day walk the earth. During multiple occasions of the show we see our main character Ryo using the bible as a reference to try to deal with the monsters. This adds a little touch to the story which make it even more interesting. The story is overall great and having a lot of twists that is impossible to predict.

The Story

The show begins with us being introduced to the main character Akira Fudo which is a normal man that is currently studying in high school. We learn that he is an extremely sensitive person that cries over everything. During the first couple of episodes we see a lot of flashbacks to when Akira was young and spending time with his best friend Ryo. During the pilot episode we see both characters meeting up again. We learn that they have not seen each other ever since they were young, but they still cared about each other. Akira also noticed that Fudo have change a lot since they first knew each other, he had become a rich teenager that had become reckless. We learn that Ryo have spent most of his days trying to unveil the truth of demon’s existence.

devilman crybaby review
Akira becoming a devilman

At first Akira was simply confused and at first did not believe a single word he was telling. But the more Ryo talked the more convincing he became. He later explained that he needed his help to defeat the demons. We later see that Ryo had planned to convince a demon to overtake Akira’s body. Akira transformed and became the first devil man. We later see Akira using his new powers to kill other demons and save the human raise. But the further we got into the show we saw that Ryo had everything planned out perfectly. He was playing his own angel all along. After he was able to convince the world that demons exist, he quickly moved up collaborating with the president.

Best Friends For Ever

During the entire show we see a lot of drama between Akira and Ryo. Akira wanted what was the bets for the human raise and saving as much people as he could while Ryo was just playing his own angel all along. We see most of the human population panicking after finding out the truth and instead of fighting the demons they were tearing each other apart. People was hiding their kids that had been possessed by a demon while other people were killing their family for thinking they were possessed. The hole world was tearing each other apart and destroying themselves.

devilman crybaby review
Miko, Akiras stepsister

During the show we also see Akira helping his best friends and family trying to deal with the reality that demons exist. During the sounds half of the show we learn that Akira’s younger brother gets possessed by a demon and his hole family gets killed in the process of trying to save him. We see Akira’s stepsister and his crush getting killed right in front of him. After this moment we see Akira’s character development taking a quick turn. After her death we see Akira turning from being the emotional guy to becoming the mad devil man.

The Beautiful Ending

During a couple of interviews with he shows writers they pointed out that the show had three various stages. The first stage including a lot of drugs, introduction to demons and nudity. The second part building up the threat the demons are to the human raise. They needed to do anything to beat the demons and survive. The last part included in beating the demons and us feeling sorry after the ending.

As we mentioned before the show as a sad ending and we see our main hero getting killed. We see Akira fighting Ryo after learning his truth that he actually is the reason why all of the demons are attacking. Both Akira and Ryo go truth a dramatic experience especially after being best friends for the longest time. In the last battle between them we see it taking lace all over the world with both using all of their power to win. We even see Ryo slashing the moon into two parts with just one attack. But the battle ended with us seeing the best throwbacks between them when they were younger.

devilman crybaby review
Akira being betrayed by his best friends

The Twist

After the throwbacks we see both laying on the ground and Akira cut in half. During this ending we also see Ryo crying for the first time. But during this moment we might ask ourselves, who won? Did the demon win and Ryo would continue his plan to end all humans or did he change? The episode before the season ending, we learn the truth about Ryo. He was possessed by a demon as a younger kid and in the processes the demon lost all his memories. But he learns about his past and he understands that he must continue to execute the plan end all human life. After the found out his true past we get to see him in his “true form”.

He became a human with 12 wings. As we know he wings a represented by an angel and the wings are a symbol of heroism. This is where the confusing part come. So, if Ryo had 12 wings it means that he had a lot of heroism inside of him and that he deserves them. During the end battle, we see Ryo as the lighter colour while Akira is the darker colour. Throughout time the lighter colour has always represented good and the darker bad. With these statements where Ryo actually the good one and Akira the bad one? But as we know Ryo was fighting for himself while Akira was fighting for the entire human raise.

Our Take

The show started different and kind of slow. But the more the show continued the more interesting it became. Every episode had extremely good amounts of action while also contributing a lot of story. The show also had an interesting twist that changed the hole direction. The ending also left us with a lot of questions like who won in the end, the demons, or the humans? We also saw most of our characters dying in the last two episode which usually is not how a show is. But overall, I really enjoyed the miniseries made by Netflix Original. The IMDB Rating reached 7,6.

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