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Devilman Worth watching?

Devilman ”Crybaby” Worth Watching?

The remarkable tv-show Devilman Crybaby is a miniseries made by Netflix original. The show introduced a new type of genre that we are usually not represented in anime. It has enormous amounts of violent, drugs and nudity. The show is based on a person being possessed by a demon and becoming a devil man with the heart of a human and the body and strength of a demon. I will break the season apart and give you my opinion if the show is worth watching.

Devilman “Crybaby” were realised early 2018. The show is an interesting mini show created by Netflix original. Ever since the released of the show it has been trending on the anime section of Netflix. The show is a sci fiction that is built around fighting demons are saving the earths population from vanishing. We see the hole society bursting out in chaos.


If you already have seen the show, I recommend reading my review here. The show begins with us being introduced to the main character Akira Fudo which is a normal man that is currently studying in high school. We learn that he is an extremely sensitive person that cries over everything. During the first couple of episodes we see a lot of flashbacks to when Akira was young and spending time with his best friend Ryo. During the pilot episode we see both characters meeting up again. We learn that they have not seen each other ever since they were young, but they still cared about each other.

Akira also noticed that Fudo have change a lot since they first knew each other, he had become a rich teenager that had become reckless. We learn that Ryo have spent most of his days trying to unveil the truth of demon’s existence. One thing I found interesting with the show was how they were using real world things to enlighten the story. We see our main characters using the Bible during multiple occasions to understand the demons even more. This adds a little touch to the story which make it even more interesting.

But overall the writers and producer did an excellent job with story of the show. The story is not being rushed through, but we also do not have any fillers episodes. The show is built around a big twist that is perfectly placed out which turns the whole story around. The twist was unpredictable and makes the story even more interesting! The shows animators did a great job overall, but I felt like most fights could have been improved. But the end fight was one of the better scenes I have ever seen.

Devilman worth watching?
The Perfectly Written Story

Our Take and Call

The series has one season with 10 episodes with a length of 20 minutes per episode. Starring Griffin Burns as Akira Fudo, Cherami Leigh as Miko Kuroda, Kyle McCarley as Ryo Asuka, Cindy Robinson as Silene and Christina Valenzuela as Miki Makimura.

The show is built around a unpopular kid gaining powers which he later uses to save others. Personally, I really recommend watching the show especially because it is a mini show. As I mentioned before the show does not contain any filler episode which a lot of anime shows does. But the show did have a few flaws in the animating part, but the finale episode was great. We also see some great voice acting from our actors. I highly recommend watching the show. You can read my review of the show here. The IMDB rating reached 7,6.

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