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Is constantine worth watching

Is Constantine Worth Watching?

Being a fan of the DC universe and following most of their tv-shows got me to watch the show Constantine. The tv-series was produced between 2014 and 2015 and starring Matt Ryan as John Constantine. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled just after the first season due to lack of viewers and ratings. The show follows the path of John Constantine being a demon hunter struggling with his past. Is the show still worth watching?

John Constantine, the titular hero of the show, is a bit of a bastard. The story is mostly built on that Constantine has a dark past and that he is doomed to hell. Most of his close friends despises him for the action he has taken in the past. John is a selfless hero throughout the season, in that he wouldn’t offer up his body or soul if it meant saving someone else life. It’s no wonder that nearly anyone who gets close to him can’t stand him. Even the humans, demons, dark spirits, and angels can all agree on their hatred of Constantine.

In the pilot episode Constantine finds a familiar face of an angel. They came to an agreement that John would help him defeat the evil on the earth and send every bad soul back to hell. Which in exchange he wouldn’t be doomed to hell. In the first episodes of the show Constantine crosses path with Zed Martin. She is a psychic artist that helps John with finding and dealing with the supernatural creatures. Another important character is in the show is Constantine’s oldest friend Francis “Chas”. The reason he is one of the only friends Constantine has left is because Francis has a power of reviving himself after he dies.

Constantins Dark Past

During the show Constantine encounters many of his old friends who all despises him. They all refer to a situation that happened in New Castle, England. Constantine was forced to banish a little girl to hell that was controlled by a demon. This event didn’t just hunt Constantine friends, but he hated himself more than anyone.

During multiple times in the show John Constantine points out that in order for him to keep fighting the evil he has to let go of his past. In his line of work people are left to die. This results in that Constantine’s life is filled with Grief, pain, and loneliness. The show ends with Constantine telling his friend Zed that the only way he can live the life he does is by imagining that everyone close to him is dead. The show really brings the details on how the dark Constantine path is and how he knows that everyone around him is going to be dead one day. Read more at Clichemag

Constantine performing a ritual

The producers of the show tried to get another network to pick up the show after season one. Both the fan and studio efforts failed, however, the leading producer commented:

“We’re leaving behind wild and passionate fans who believe in and were moved by what we tried to do. To leave such a significant, dedicated, and active fan base on the table—that’s the real sadness. You all deserve many years of the series we set out to make, and we’re disappointed that we couldn’t deliver that to you.”

Our Take

The show was just produced before the release of the show Legends of Tomorrow. The show gives us an insight of his character development. So, if you are a viewer that enjoy the Arrowverse I highly recommend watching the show. But the show also has a lot of flaws. Some of the demons that the characters crosses aren’t well developed and therefor some bits of the show are slow and can quickly become boring. Also, because the show got cancelled it didn’t really have an ending. It has a huge amount of loss ends which makes the end frustrating bad.

I would recommend watching this show for people that really enjoy watching the Arrowverse. But because the show had a poor planning with some of the main characters changing after the pilot episode and the that the show didn’t have a proper ending, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. But recently the show has appeared

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