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jessica jones season 3 review

Jessica Jones Season 3 Review: The Devastating End Of an Era

I just finished watching Jessica Jones season 3. I have to say; I’m going to miss these Marvel Netflix shows. As we know the latest season of Jessica Jones is the final season of the show and unfortunately this is the end of the Marvel Netflix era. Watching the firsts season of the show I quickly feel in love. Season 2 kept up our expectations and the show got even better. Here are my thoughts and review of the latest season of the show. Here is my Jessica Jones season 3 review.

In the latest season of the show we have Trish moving closer to becoming the famous character Hellcat. However, there are a few references but overall the writers chose a more grounded approach to the Jessica jones comics. We also have the additions of Benjamin Walker playing as Eric. he who serves as a new love interest for Jessica Jones. Then we have Jeremy Bob as Gregory Salinger who’s pretty much the season villain Jeremy Bob. As the villain is like Dexter and Ben point Dexter from daredevil put together. Overall this season was a very well-done season. I really like the emotional stakes I love the way the cinematography is. Christian Ritter became the director for Episode two. That episode is just focused on Trish and what she’s been up to since season two.

The latest season contains 13 episodes and it does suffer from that kind of slow pace that the Marvel Netflix shows are known for. In many ways a lot of the slow scenes are mostly with hogarth carrie-anne and she really begins to show more for true colors in this season. Also, Trish feels lika a bit of an annoying character. There’s just something about her that just so judgmental and so self-righteous against Jessica Jones. She doesn’t see what she did wrong last season. It is like she’s very much an antihero hero. There are different type of challenges and obstacles. Nobody’s going to really fulfill the shoes of the purple man David Tennant from season 1.

But this is a very different villain and the fact that it doesn’t match Jessica Jones physically, this is a villain that challenges her mentally. It’s more of a strategic foe it’s a much more intelligent foe. It’s very different they’re also now that she’s a private eye in doing good work, she’s more seen in the public eye now. Her actions are speaking volumes with the media and the police so there’s more at stake and more to be held accountable. In this season for Jessica Jones we also have Malcolm working for Hogarth where he is in charge of the security. His character has developed really great and. I didn’t like Eric being the new love interest but he’s a very interesting character overall. I did miss Oscar in the latest season, even though we get a brief appearance.

But it is a bit more of a slow burn at the beginning, the villain really doesn’t come in until four episodes in. However, after that the story really gets going, but this isn’t about big spectacle no this is still grounded, this is about the emotion. But what I love about this is despite Trish being in kind of annoying character I do love the relationship that kind of sisterhood that Trish and Jessica Jones have with each other. When they do start to team up and become heroes together is a very interesting dynamic. They work together to bring down certain evil but also overcoming actions of the past and whether or not that can be truly redeemed. This is a very interesting factor in this season.

jessica jones season 3 review

Season 2 still the best but this was a solid season, there are sometimes in the show where Jessica Jones could take out this bad guy at any point. When that didn’t happen, I felt like she has changed a lot and becoming more of the thinker instead of taking action. We start to see a lot of similarities between Luke Cage and her. During the season we get to see Trish as a very different character. She always has been annoying, but I felt like she’s kind of a step down from season 1.

Overall the show had a fantastic ending. There’re a few surprises and if you’re a fan you’re going to love how this it’s not only for Jessica Jones before the Marvel Netflix shows. The show is a bit slow, it’s a bit tedious and mundane in some parts. But if you’ve watched the first two, you’re not going to regret seeing part three. Here comes my spolier review of season 3 of jessica jones.

I love the villain being full killer, it was so cool that they use that villain from the comics. I also like that Eric turned out to be mined wave from the comics. That villain was so evil when he killed Trish’s mother Rebecca De Mornay character. That was a really shocking moment alongside when stabbed Jessica Jones. You don’t know that she can get hurt by it, but it caught her off-guard. I thought mind wave was a bad guy in control that didn’t happen, but he definitely wasn’t a trustworthy person. I loved that Luke cage’s cameo, but Trish has always been annoying to me. She’s the villain and is heading towards that showdown between Jessica Jones and her fighting.

That was such an emotional climax that has been building these past two seasons. I also love Malcolm doing some vigilante stuff on the side, but then basically trying to get away from Hogarth. He sees that she’s doing the wrong thing and she starts to show her true colors. Overall, I was just really surprised of the quality of the show and the stuff that happened. I do wish that Jessica Jones took care of Salinger like she could have easily beat him, but I love it when he like called the police and was panicking.

We see him setting up little traps for her and again that goes with her being in the public eye now. So, everybody’s kind of turning against these super-powered beings. The season had a really nice nod and a nice ending with Trish being put in prison. The more things change the more they stay the same so even though it’s kind of played it safe it was a worthy ending to Jessica Jones in the Marvel Universe. That pretty much sums up my Jessica Jones season 3 Review. Watch this for more information and a more deep review.

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