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'Kengan Ashura' Review: Worth watching?

‘Kengan Ashura’ Review: Worth watching?

Netflix continues to fill their libraries with more tv-shows. The new Netflix Original series Kengan Ashura is based upon a popular material-arts manga series. The show is written by Sandrovish Yabako and the artist Daromeon and was released in the late July of 2019. The show caught a lot of attention quickly from its older fans from the manga series.

Background: Since the Edo periods of Japan gladiator arenas existed. In these arenas wealthy business owners and merchants hire gladiators to fight an unarmed combat where winner takes all. Tokita Oma named Ashura joins these arenas and devastates his opponents his spectacular ability to crush his enemies catches the attention of the big business owners including the “Novi group” CEO Nogi Hideki.

The show uses 3d animations for most of the scenes but during a couple of scenes in the show there are transitions intros flashbacks that use 2d animation or in some cases a lesser form of 3d animation. Because the show is based around violence and fighting the 3d animations makes the show interesting. For the first couple of episodes the fights animation style did not feel like a fit. But when shit really started to kick off which is around episode eight when the king n life-or-death tournament kicks off. The first season of the show we did not just get to see the main character, but you got to meet other characters that had their own power and of unique crazy behaviour.

The animation relative good and the story was a little weak, because it mostly consisted of an old man being involved in events that he has little to no information about the fights. In some moments, the characters themselves were over the top which I think they wanted to translate to the actual fights themselves which sort of worked out. But since this anime is basically UFC when it first started out with a little bit of spice, but there is some missed opportunity here mostly in the sense of every fight being the same but being different.

'Kengan Ashura' Review: Worth watching?

Our Take: If you do not like violence, crushing and jabbing of things this show is probably not for you. I am looking forward to a second season since there has much more to be explored and twelve episodes is not really that big of a time commitment. If this show was 24 episodes and it had the same pace, I would absolutely hate it. I like unexpected things and watching the show really took me off-guard a few times. So is Kengan Ashura worth watching? I would say yes, but if it does not interest you by episode 2 or 3 just drop it and go watch something you like. The IMDB Rating reached 7,9.

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