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Lucifer Season 5 Theories That Have To Be True

Lucifer Season 5 Theories That Will Take Place

We’ve watched a lot of shows through the years, but few have been as devilishly fun as Lucifer. If you’re not familiar with the show Lucifer, it combines elements crim fighting with detective dramas with biblically influenced stories and imagery. It’s an exciting romp featuring human Celestials demons and angels in is definitely deserving of a binge watch. Season 4 recently dropped on Netflix and after the incredible and shocking ending we can’t help but wonder what’s next. The creators have written themselves into a corner with this ending, so the internet is going insane coming up with theories for the next season. We’ll touch on a few of these and offer up a few of our own Lucifer season 5 theories.

First, we have to understand the season four finale of Lucifer and all the other story arcs in every episode. After the huge cliffhanger from season three finale we got to see Lucifer revealing his true face to Chloe. However, she has had an uphill battle to trusting and loving him again, but we’ll get to that in a minute. First of all, let’s talk about what made the finale so exciting and even heart-wrecking. The episode entitled “who’s the new King of Hell” starts with a rather light and airy choreographed dance number with Lucifer feeling better than he has in years. He dances his way through the lugs to the precinct and it looks like this episode is going to be light-hearted after all he even picks up a baby.

As we know how much Lucifer hates kids so only good things lie ahead right? Well not so fast, Lucifer’s brother Amenadiel is going through a struggle with this newborn son. He’s making plans to protect his son Charlie by taking him to the silver city.Charlie is a celestial so he can freely travel to heaven himself, but mom isn’t so lucky. After a brief insane conversation about circumcision statistics Lucifer even makes a grand gesture of giving Linda a thoughtful gift of Sigmund Freud’s journals.

We later get to see this week’s case play out. A rapper gets taken out live online and it’s later revealed to be the work of demons they’ve escaped to earth and can inhabit bodies. Setting up the first part of the troublesome problem. A demon finds himself in the body of father Ken Lee even though he was axed in episode 9 by Eve. This demon named Guillermo’s teams up with another named Squee to try and trick Lucifer into returning to hell. These demons came up with a solid plan to kidnap Lucifer’s nephew. Therefore, because the baby is a celestial, he is also able to rule over hell. So, their plan is to snatch the baby and groom him to be heir. We later get to see Chloe finally coming to terms with Lucifer’s appearance.

After the big showdown we see the hole family fighting for the baby. We later see Eve rescuing back the baby. This move helps validate who she’s become, but her path needs to be further explored. Remember how we said Chloe was afraid that Lucifer would become a monster again. Well her fears were completely gone when Lucifer’s only choice was to appear as a massive demon king. He ordered the demons back to hell thus taking on the role of the ruler of hell once again. But after they leave, he’s human again and the baby luckily gets returned to his parents. So, all that’s left is the final emotional moment between Chloe and Lucifer. They both can’t seem to find a common ground when it comes to the demon issue.

Chloe thinks that he should stay, and they would deal with the issues as they arise. But Lucifer knows the truth, he must go back to Hell to permanently rule over the demons and keep them contained forever. However, even though Chloe finally tells Lucifer that she does love him, he decides that he must protect her and all the other people on earth by returning to hell. Ironically Lucifer has got to wonder if this was all part of his father’s plan to get him to return to hell falling for his first real love Chloe and not Eve. Ultimately lead him to go back to hell. We got to see a final shot of Lucifer resting on his throne in his suit but not before getting a look at his now angelic wings. It seems his self-sacrifice and the hero’s journey were enough to make him redeemed.

What are the writers plans for the next season? Well let’s leave the showrunners of Lucifer have already teased what is to be when the show returns. They said that season 5 was going to be awesome with the very first scene will be one of his favorite things that they’ve ever came up with. Rumors say that this big moment in the opening will be tied to getting Lucifer for back to the status quo of the case of the week episodes with the overarching story sprinkled in. We obviously know that the show can’t move all the characters the hell to be of Lucifer. Some of them are human it would have to die to get there and the show isn’t about to kill off multiple characters in the opening scene.

Although the theory that Chloe only could die in attempt to hunt down Lucifer actually kind of make sense. We know that the show wouldn’t stay that way with Chloe dead, but it could easily have two alternating storylines. One on earth and one in hell. So, logic dictates that the scene shows how Lucifer plans on getting out of his hell ruling situation could it be a part-time King and part-time detective on earth. Likely not and that certainly wouldn’t fall under favorite things they’ve ever came up with territory.

They also went on to explain that this scene would be as outside of the box as possible so that people don’t get bored and that they don’t get bored. So, we predict a Chloe and Lucifer heist of sorts, they team up again likely after a lengthy time jump. Remember time moves much slower in hell, so Lucifer will be itching to find a way to safely escape while keeping the demons at bay. Maybe Chloe came up with the plan to be able to do just that. If she doesn’t make your way down to hell another theory that makes sense is that Lucifer goes back despite all of the demon’s problems.

It could be that some horrible act happens back on earth forcing Lucifer back and ultimately bring back chords of demons with them. The new normal for the show then would be finding the demons and sending them back to hell each week. Still a procedural show, but with now even more of a supernatural element. A lot of popular shows seem to stagnate around season 4 or 5 and that’s why you so often see new storylines brought in. You also often see changes in the setting for whole new characters. This would be a major departure from the normal for Lucifer and could really spice things up. But what do you think, do you think hunting down demons instead of criminals would make the show even better?

Another theory that we can see happening is Lucifer doing what he does best working out a deal. Except this time Lucifer ends up with the short end of the stick. There might be a way that Lucifer negotiates himself back to earth but at the cost of his supernatural powers. Could he be able to give up his powers and become human? Would he even be willing to do that? We do know that is one biggest weakness is his love for Chloe. So, it would be a real shocker if the next season starts with him getting rid of his angel and demon status altogether.

The only problem with that theory is, who would rule hell? The only other option on the table at the end of season 4 of course was Charlie. And we think Big Brother might just have a problem with that. We can imagine an overarching theme in season 5 being Lucifer trying to come to terms with this new humanity while trying to hunt down demons on earth and protect Charlie. A lot of moving parts, yet a completely possible scenario. But things never really have been simple for the Prince of Darkness. Well that wraps this article, what do you think we nail it with these theories or do you have some ideas of your own? Let us know down in the comment section. Don’t forget to also check out Lucifer season 5: Everything we know so far.

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