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One-Punch Man – Season 2, Episode 10

One-Punch Man – Season 2, Episode 10

The unknow title episode of One-punch man was much slower the usual. The episode wasn’t about our main hero but rather of our villain “The Hero Hunter”, Garou. Here are some fans thoughts from the latest episode.

The long Super Fight match is finally over. After the competition that Saitama took part in, he discovered that he did not learn anything. The reason he decided to join was to learn a new fighting technic that involves “dancing” as Saitama puts it. After our hero was able to defeat the monster Gouketsu we see him playing games with King. At this point you can really see how their relationship has develop hrough the seasons. Saitama has saved King on multiple occasions including the event of him gaining his scars. We can’t either forget that Saitama is the only one who knows the real truth about King and how he isn’t the fighter that everyone think he is. In the episode we see both of them playing fighting games and Saitama being dominated.

“The Hero Hunter”, Garou fighting against Several heroes from class B and A

The associations fight

The next scene takes place at the hero association headquarters. We get to see that the association of monsters had infiltrated and taken over one of the workers. They used him to deliver a message. The message included a fake “truce” between humans and monsters. The hero association saw this as a chance to take the lead in the battle. But seconds after they agreed on the proposal, the association of monsters executed one of the leaders. The real purpose of the message was to spread the word that anyone can join their monster society and that all heroes should gather up at Citizen Z to rescue the kidnapped child. Ever since the child was taken it has been a priority for the heroes’ association to find him. Therefore, in the upcoming episodes a lot of heroes are going to get hurt/die in the process of recovering the child.

We later see Genos being picked up by a drone after his fight with Gouketsu. In rebuilding Genos body Dr. Kuseno decided to give him an upgrade. His body became stronger and faster than ever before. I have already lost count on how many times we have seen Genos body being repaired. But every time it does happened, he always gets a new function that changes up his fighting style. In this scene we see how the relationship between Dr. Kuseno and Genos has developed. The doctor tells him that he does not mind providing him with new armour and weapons. He just asked in exchange that he will not force himself in battle. The doctor also reminded him of his main goal of killing the cyborg that massacred his hometown.

Garou the “nice” villain

As mentioned in the introduction in this article the episode is mostly about Garou. In the previous episode we see Garo losing against the watchdog. On the way home he stubbles upon both King and Saitama. Garou is extremely curious on how King fight and what his ability is. Therefore, he goes in with a quick punch to get the surprise but was quickly denied with a punch to the face by Saitama. In this episode we see him waking up and can barely walk after the fights he “lost”. A couple of heroes spotted Garou in the street and decided to follow him home. When he came home, he stubble upon the kid by the name Taro (the kid that calls him “old man”).  Taro was complaining on how he was being bullied and therefore Garou decided to teach. But he was interrupted in the middle of the lesson.

“The Hero Hunter”, Garou

Several heroes from class B and A including Smileman, Chain Toad, Blam Blam, Megane, and Death Gatling had surrounded the place to take down the villain. Garou’s first thought was that the kid would not get hurt. In the confrontation before the battle we see Garou agreeing to fight if it included that the building would not be in the way. Before the fight Garou borrowed Taros hero guidebook in order the receive information about the heroes he is going to fight. Although he knew a lot about the heroes, Garou was not able to put up a good fight due to his earlier injuries. Did the class B and A hero’s catch him? Or did Garou escape? We look forward to seeing what will happened in the upcoming episode!

Fans reactions

This episode included not a hole bunch of information or actions that contributes to the bigger story. A lot of fans had mixed feelings from the episode especially when Saitama did not really do anything. Some fans were disappointed in the “filler episode.” Some fans wrote;

“This episode did nothing. How are we getting filler like episodes in a 12-episode season, especially when it’s almost the end of the season?”

“The story is great that’s why I give it a 7. But if I only cared about the story, I would read the manga. The animation in this episode was extremely bad. A good story needs a good animation”

Read more at greenscene for a bit more in depth from the episode! Imdb rating for this episode reached 8,1.

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