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Garou fighting the lower grade heroes

One-Punch Man – Season 2, Episode 11: “Everyone’s Dignity”

The tonight’s episode of One-Punch Man picks up right where it left off. This episode was different. We got a 20 minutes long fight between our main character Garou and some S-grade heroes.

The last episode of the show ended of with Garou fighting the B and A heroes. We asked our self in the last review if the class B and A hero’s catch Garou? Or if he escapes? These questions got answered quickly in tonight’s episode. The episode starts off with Garou telling the lower grades heroes how weak they are, and that the hero association needs to start sending S-grades heroes to fight him. One of the A-grade heroes responded with that the hero association are just a front. All good heroes do not exist only in the upper ranks. This is a good example if you compare it to Saitama. He is a one of the best and strongest heroes in the entire hero association. But he is only a grade A hero.

Garou fighting the lower grade heroes

The episode continues with a 10 minutes long fight between Garou and the lower grade heroes. Garou had a tough time fighting them because the poising arrows made him dizzy. He also had a challenging time reaching his peak strength and speed. When one of the B-grade heroes got finished off we got to see a short flash back for the reason he became a hero. We see a group of men in suits getting beaten by a monster. We later see Saitama breaking up the fight and saving their life. The hero said “I’m just a commoner… I am at my limit! Saitama replied with “Who the heck decides what your limit is, anyway?

The Underdog

The fight continues, but Garou had the entire fight under control. The two heroes that was left standing was “the death machine” and Garou. During their last conversation Garou told him not to shoot at him because there was a kid in the house behind him. But he did not believe it existed a kid in the house. Garou used all of his strength to block the attack in order to save Taro. After the attack was over Garou charged in and finished off the last hero. We later see the kid Taro running out to “the old man”. He looks at him and started to scream in horror as he ran away. We later see the camera switches to Garou with a sad face.

Right after the scene we see Genos appearing at the scene. One of the lower grade heroes was able to send out a message to the hero association. The viewer gets the feeling like the battle wont last long. Garou has used up all his powers and now he must fight one of the strongest heroes in the show. During the fight we get to see some features of Genos “new” suit. During the entire fight Genos has the upper hand. Even though Garou can pull out a couple of good attacks, Genos quickly apply with something much stronger.

Genos fighting Garou with his new suit

The Legend Saitama

After a couple of minutes of fighting both of them gets to an interesting conversation. Genos starts off with “Master Saitama told me to mentally train myself to achieve the height of herodom. I’m just starting to understand what he meant”. Garou looks up with a scared face and said, “Master Saitama?”. Genos replied with “He’s the ultimate hero. No monster could stand a chance against him. He actually exists! Garou looks at him with an even more scared face. Hopefully, we will be able to see some awesome fight scenes later in the season between those two guys.

The episode later ends with Garous old teachers showing up in the middle of the fight to help Genos. Right as they arrived, we get to see some throwback moment when Garou was young and homeless. The episode quickly ends after that scene.

The episode was different then we are used to on the show. The entire episode was filled with fighting scenes and some throwback memories. During this episode we get to see how much the producers and editors have added to the show. Hopefully, we get to see some more battles with Saitama rather than with the side characters. We also look forward with seeing the fight between “the hero hunter” and Saitama. The episode reached a 76% on Tv time. You can read my review and recap of last episode here.

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