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one punch man season 2 episode 12

One-Punch Man – Season 2, Episode 12: “Cleaning Up the Disciple’s Mess”

The season finale of One punch man has finally been realised. As we know this season have not been focusing on our main hero Saitama but instead on our side characters and the villain Garou. As we know season one ended with an epic battle with impressive animations, as did this season. Here is my review, thoughts, and ideas of tonight’s episode.

As we know the last episode of the show had a 20 minutes long battle between some of the hero associations S-heroes and a few A and B grade heroes. As we know the episode ended with Garou beating all the A and B grade heroes and currently fighting Genos. In the last episode we also got to see both of Garou old teachers coming to face him.

The episode begins with Garou, all beaten up forced to keep fighting. As we know Garou has learned to fight with the control of water as his teachers has taught him. During this fight we also learned that the two teachers is brothers and has mastered the elements of water and fire. During their fight we see them combining their power to beat Garou. During this entire battle Garou is not able to land a single punch and both teachers are going keep beating him up. During this scene we hear Garou’s thoughts, “If I want to win this battle, I have to kill all three S-heroes. But in my current state I will lose and die.”

Reason Behind It All

Garou keeps trying to land attacks but repeatedly gets beaten up. During a state when both brothers were punching him, we get to see a throwback from when he was young. During this memory we see Garou as young and playing with a few “friends” of his. Garou were playing as a monster against his friends. As we learned in the last episode Garou has always seen the heroes as the bad guy that always win. He thought that it was not fair that the monster always lost. But during their game we see three people holding Garou while the popular kid kicks him. He told him that heroes always win.

one punch man season 2 episode 12
The Brothers

After the throwback we see him getting most of his strength back and was able to land his first attack. The teachers both were surprised on how we would able to execute such an attack. The hole ground left a mark and we think that the luck has turned around for Garou. But as soon as his about to execute another attack he got picked up by a bird from the monster association that did not want him to die. But Garou got frustrated because he had to defeat the heroes so the people can fear him. But the bird later explained that those heroes are already domed.

Highest Grade Monster

As soon as they had some distance between each other we see the dragon grade “snake” appeared from the ground. As we know dragon grade monsters are the harder monsters to defeat and most of the time it requires at least two or more S-grade heroes to defeat it. Due to the fighting taking place near a city the heroes were forced to fight it then running away. In the first attack we see the snake charging in against Genos. We later see Genos preparing his arm gun aimed right at his face. His gun burst out with a yellow laser blinding the snake. As soon as he stopped shooting, we see both brothers charging in with a combine with their water and fire abilities.

one punch man season 2 episode 12
Garou Fighting His Old Teacher

We found out in the earlier seasons that this monster had one of the hardest shells and that nothing can penetrate it. When the teachers did their joint attack, we see the hole shell of the monster cracking up and getting destroyed. All that was left of the monster was it bones. We were led to believe that the battle was over but seconds later we see the monster transforming back to its ordinary form even stronger. All of the heroes were surprised how it could withhold such an attack.

The Sacrifice

They heroes gave everything they could and still was not able to hurt it. Due to their being so many casualties because of the fights that took place before they decided to retreat and try to regroup with other heroes. But they remember that the city was just a few blocks from them and if they did not defeat the monster civilians would have gotten hurt. This is when we see Genos telling the brother that he will fight it alone while they try to run away.

We finally get to see some of Genos new super parts and his new abilities. Just before the fight the brothers are telling Genos not to fight him, “You are still young and have a lot of potential in front of you”. Then we see a throwback to when Genos were talking to his mentor telling him not to overwork. But then we see Genos replaying that it requires sacrifices. We see Genos charging in against the snake monster with all his power. But after a couple of minutes of fighting he understood that he could not beat it he produced the idea to attack him from the inside. We see him charging in right into his mouth where he later uses his core to shoot out a laser beam burning the monster to pieces.

The Ending

But as soon as he got out the monster had revived himself again. During this moment Genos got a little depressed due to his power not being enough to fight him. We later hear King screaming in a microphone in the distance against the monster. Both brothers and Genos looks at him with a little smile. We hear King trash talking the monster to gain his attention. The monster turns around and start to charge him with all his power. During this scene we see King freaking out a bit and started to doubt Saitama’s plan. But just seconds before the monster would strike him, we see Saitama lining up for an attack using his full force of his body and swings his fist against the monster.

We later see the monster breaking into pieces, the one punch destroyed one of the strongest monsters we have seen so far in the show. Even thought the ending battle between the snake and Saitama was short, it sure was epic. The hole snakes armour bursts out into pieces as we see our heroes in the background smiling. We later see Genos running to his master and asking him “what did I do wrong?”, Saitama replied with “not enough power?” with a little smile.

This season ended like the first one with and epic one punch to defeat the monster. Like most episodes of this season Saitama has not gotten a lot of screen time but focused on our main heroes. But as we know this season ended middle of the stories and we did not get to see so much on the monster association. So, the upcoming season will have some clarity over that. The IMDB rating reached 9,0.

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