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One-Punch Man - Season 2 Review

One-Punch Man – Season 2 Review

A couple of days ago the last episode of the latest season was released. As we know the season ended mid story and did not have a real ending. The tv-show had completely new directors, animators and writers and the fans both liked and disliked their work. Here are my review, thoughts, and ideas from the latest season of the show.

The season ended with Saitama using his one punch ability and defeating one of the strongest monsters in the show. As we know the show had a slow start during season one and did not bring in a lot of views. But the show grew when it hit the different entertainment companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime. Therefore, they decided to renew the show for another season, four years later.

The Story Line

The season started with Saitama climbing the ranks of the hero association. As we know Saitama got a bit depressed from season one after defeating the monster that was about to destroy earth. But as the show name, it only took him one punch to kill him. Therefore, we did not see so much of him fighting in this season. The season was instead focused around our side characters and our new villain Garou. In the beginning of the season we see the monster association forming and starting to plan how they can take over the world. During these scenes we see that the association has a leader behind them. We also get to learn that they own the strongest monsters that exist like the dragon grade snake.

As we know during this season, we get to know a new hero. But this hero is not the normal one but a hero hunter by the name Garou. We get to learn a lot about his past growing up and the reason he wanted to become a villain. During his upraise he always felt sorry for the monster because they always lost. During his throwbacks we also learn that he usually got bullied by people playing as heroes. So, growing up led to him becoming a “monster” and a hero hunter. His goal was for the civilizations to fear him. If we compare this season to the first one Garou screen time is equal to Saitama. We get to see him fighting every episode.

One-Punch Man - Season 2 Review
Saitama competes in a fighting competition

Our Main Villain

Garou does not behold any special abilities and his overall strength is lower than most of the S-grade heroes. As we saw in the last part of the season, he lost against three different S-grade heroes. But during a fight against his first higher grade hero, which he lost, he was able to adapt and quickly learn new fighting strategies. We get to see him using these new abilities later in the season. One of the abilities was to quickly move around like a dog.

This season was also focused around Genos. We see him fighting and losing multiple times, and each time he loses he gets a new upgrade from his mentor. I have personally lost count on how many times he had to be repaired due to his body being to destroyed. During the two last episodes we get to see him using his incredible weapons that always put him in an advantage. As we know Genos is a student of Saitama but during the entire season they rarely ever talked. In the last scene of the season we hear him asking Saitama what he did wrong, which he replied with “not enough power?”. This was the only lesson he taught him.

One-Punch Man - Season 2 Review
Garou controlling the power of water attacks

Saitama Facing A Real Challenge

But now we have come to the main character Saitama. As we mentioned he got a bit depressed from last season after not having any real fights. It all just take one punch to finish it all. The S-grade hero “King” confessed for being a fraud and does not have any real strength. He just decided to play along with it, which later backfired, and he ended up confessing to Saitama about the truth. At first, he was a bit confused but understood the reason he did it. King and Saitama later ended up as good friends and spend the entire season together. During their time with each other we see them playing video games. We see that King so extremely better than Saitama and we get to see him being frustrated because of it.


As we mentioned earlier season two had completely new directors, writers, and animators. We see a huge improvement in animation and effects. Every single fight is filled with the most satisfying animations. But the downside of this season is how the main character Saitama and how his character is developed. We rarely see Saitama fighting or even having screen time. But we cannot forget the ending of the season where we see him using his one-punch ability and killing one of the strongest monsters. But on the upside, we get to see much more of the character Genos and the new villain Garou. Comparing season two to one we get to see much more backstory from characters leading up to the day. We get to learn the reason they decided to become a hero or a villain.

As we mentioned the shows numbers has rapidly growing since it got realised on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime. It should not take long until season two will be realised and the show growing even faster. Because of this we should not have to wait so long until the upcoming season if it gets renewed, which it likely will be. As we know from the comics the show will just become increasingly interesting.

Our Take

Personally, I really enjoyed the season especially how they were able to preview the show exactly like the comics. Due to the new writers and directors I got a bit afraid that they would take the show in a completely new direction. As I mentioned before the animators did an incredible job and every frame of the entire season was perfectly done. But due to our main hero Saitama not taking up too much screen time was a bit disappointment. The IMDB rating of the season reached 7,87.

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