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scream will there be a season 4

Scream: Will There Be A Season 4?

As we all know Scream resurrection or season 3 came out on vh1. Overall, I did enjoy the season but the question now after its ended, is well where do we go from here? Do we have a season 4? Should we have a season 4? Should we just end it? It took the writers and producers three years to get a season 3 after season 2 ended. Personally, I don’t think it was even worth the wait. It was better than the first two seasons. It had better act it had better backstories, I had better characters, it had more kills with at least a kill per episode. Here are my thoughts if there will be a Scream season 4.

If there was a season 4 this is this is what we could get and why we could get a season 4. The ratings on vh1 for season 3 we’re better than the ratings of the first two seasons on MTV. This may result in telling the writers and producers that this is something worth exploring and that they could do something within and make it even bigger than what it is currently. Personally, I think that the showrunners will continue with at least another season. With this I also think that it won’t be such big “break” between the season. But we hopefully there will be a Scream season 4

Since so many characters did die in season 3 would it be smart to just do this like American Horror Story and do an anthology; new characters, new actors, news story that’s not connected at all to the previous stuff. Just bringing the ghost face thing back. They don’t need have to have a back story version of why the killer uses the ghost face, you could just have it be something new and it just happens to use that mask. Personally, I think the best choice is for the show to have a “total reset”. In addition, there is a lot of people that hated season 3 just because it didn’t have the original characters. Most of these people would rather want to see the same people in season 3 in season 4.

I wouldn’t be opposed to Audrey, Noah even Brooke came back for another season. Making those particular characters the main characters. If they would keep those three as the main characters. I would be Okay with having Brooke killed, but you must kill Emma off. Every Scream related property follows the same pattern. They kill off a major character or a major celebrity in some way at the beginning of the show.

This results in a kind of “Game Of thrones” style that says, “hey all bets are off no one’s safe”. If they decided not to kill of a major character in the beginning it would happen that a lot of viewers would be able to predict on who is next going to be killed. However, it would rather result in us thinking there’s no reason for to think that they’re safe because we just saw Emma die.

I would also keep the ghost facemask, don’t bring back that shitty horrible mask from the first two seasons, it looked terrible. Something that I feel like the next season should have is a referring item or character to the other season. As I mentioned earlier a lot of people were angry and mad that the original cast left. Neff Campbell, Courtney Cox are acting on other tv-shows. So, if the showrunners pay them enough, they would be able to get them back to the show. This could be an interesting twist with a combo between seeing both the first and the second cast meeting together. I just hope that the show runners will include some sort of finality and closure. The only thing we could do know is hope for a season 4 of Scream. Read this article from Hypable of Scream’s season 3.

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