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Siren, Close look at Ryn as a Mermaid

Siren – Season 2 Episode 10: ”All In”

In the latest episode of Siren, the viewer goes throw a roller coaster of emotions. The episode has some awesome CGI animation and for the first time we get to see a close look of Ryn transforming from her mermaid body to human. Here are my thoughts and ideas from tonight’s episode.

The episode kicks of with Helen and Rick coming face to face with their kidnappers. That is when they learn the identity of the kidnappers, Rick Marsden sister and her friend. We learn that Ricks sister knew the truth about their past a along. Their family decided not to tell Rick because he was not truth worthy and because he had an addiction problem. Both Helen and Rick find out that their family are much bigger than what they knew. His sister had developed a little society that had the same family background (mermaid genes).

Helen and Rick are later invited to a party with the other family members. During this scene we see how happy Helen has become of seeing how their family has survived. During the party we see Helen talking to an older man named John. He mentioned that he knew her mother. That is when Helen started to become a bit of uncertain and questioned John when her mother left. He started to mumble how sorry he was for her family. But as soon as Helen tried to understand him, she got cut off by Beth. This is when we learn that the family is keeping secret about what really happened to her mother and why she left the group.

Ryns true form

A couple of scenes later we see Ryn in a Navy labs tank. During this moment we see a close look on Ryns true form. The tank is surrounded with scientist photographing and making notes of the event. Later she is gently pulled up from the water, this is when the interesting part comes. We see her transforming from her mermaid form to human. We also find out how painful it really is for them transforming back and forth. After the transformation both Ben and Maddie rushes into the room to stop them. They could not handle seeing Ryn get more hurt, but she insisted. They are later called to the hospital because Bens mothers’ condition has worsened. During their visit Ryn decided to run of to the military to allow them to run more tests to save Bens mother.

A close look of Ryns true form and transforming between her mermaid form and human body

In order to save Bens mother Ryn was forced to give the navy seal her stem cells. The cells are the only thing that could save Elaine. During this scene we get a throwback to the catch phrase “Ben is love”. After the extraction, the FBI agent Nicole called Ben about their progress. After a couple of scenes later they moved forward with the trail on humans to cure paralysis. Ben had scepticism against the cure first, but he later overcame it and understood that the cure is the only thing that can save her.

The outbreaks

After the cure was injected to Elaine she needed to rest before they could see any results. Ben, Maddie and Ryn went to a store to grab some food on the way home. During this scene Ryn gets a “outbreak”. She accidently bumped into someone at the store. Ryn reaction to it was aggressive and both Ben and Maddie had to step in to stop her. They later rushed out of the store with Ryn and hurried home. Ben and Maddie thought that it would was a side effect of removing her stem cells. When they came home, they all moved into the bed. Soon, Ryn starts to choke Ben— not in a sexy way. She squeezes his throat harder and harder until he nearly passes out. But they finally were able to remove her.

After they were able to calm her down, they understood the danger she was in for both herself and everyone around her. Ben and Maddie decided to move Ryn into the old tank to keep her from running away. It seems like Ryn is stuck in her water behaviour. In the first season when the mermaids came up from the sea, they all had an extremely aggressive behaver. A couple of scenes later we see Ben talking to her mother that had quickly improved. During their conversation Ryn was able to escape the water tank and started to run away from both Ben and Maddie.

Ryn breaking her water cage in order to escape

The Result

You can read my review on the last episode “No North Star”

This episode GREAT. The episode was mostly focused around Bens mother recovering with the help of Ryns stem cells. In the beginning of the show we see some great CGI work with a close up shoot of Ryn both transforming between her mermaid form and human body. But during this scene we also see some great freaking acting of Eline Powell. The show continues in a fantastic way and I look forward to what will happen in the upcoming episodes. The IMDB rating reached 8,4.

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