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Siren – Season 2, Episode 11: ”Mixed Signals” The tv-show Siren decided

Siren – Season 2, Episode 11: ”Mixed Signals”

The tv-show Siren decided to have a double release of episodes tonight. You can read the other articles here. A lot of fans were happy and excited after tonight’s episode ”Mixed Signals”. The episode picks right up where the last one left off, and we get to see one of our main characters getting hurt. Here are my review, thoughts, and ideas from tonight’s episode.

The Hunt

The episode picked up right where the last one ended. Ryn had just gotten an outbreak after removing a couple her stem cells for Bens mother. We see Ryn breaking free from her cage and running into the woods with both Ben and Maddie at her tail. After a couple of minutes of chasing Ben and Maddie understood that they could not keep up with her and decided to get some help from both Xander and Nicole. Nicole decided to use on of the militaries satellite to try and track her. They quickly picked up a signal of her and prepared to try and find her.

In the next scene we see some hunters that accidently shot at Ryn but later understood that it was a human they were aiming at. Just after they asked if she was ok, Ben comes up right behind them and continued to chase her. During this scene when Ryn was getting shoot at we see her getting a “killing” eye and if Ben did not interfere, both of the hunter’s lives would have been in danger. Maddie was later able to catch up to Ryn aiming her gun at her. Maddie kept saying “I don’t want to hurt you”, but a couple of seconds later we hear Ryn singing the siren song to her. Maddie gets caught up in the moment and slowly drops her gun as we see Ben screaming in the background trying to get her to stop listing. But when he was able to interfere it was already too late.

The Damage

As we know both Ben and doctor Aldon Decker have heard the siren song first-hand, but Maddie has heard a recording of the song. During the latest season we found out that Ryn sang to Ben because she loved him while Decker heard the song because the other Mermaid feared her life. We later learned that we she sang to Decker he was much more effected because it was used to “attack” him. Because Ryn sang to Maddie because she felt threaten, she would be much more affected then Ben.

Later in the episode we see both Xander and Nicole having an interesting talk at the Bar. Xander was still mad at her for their relationship being “fake”. But she keeps trying to convince him that she cares for him and how she develops feelings towards him. She understood that their relationship was built on lies and that she had to share something secret to win back his trust. Nicole started to talk about her brother serving the military in Iran and how he got injured. He would not be able to walk again and that it would be a significant risk of his life cutting short because of it. Later she heard that there was a program with experimental treatment gathering that could save her brother’s life.

After when Ryn was caught and back to her “normal” self, she told both Ben and Maddie how sorry she was for hurting Maddie. She answered that she feels fine and that it wasn’t her fault for acting out. Ben later looks up towards Maddie scared. He knows what he has gone through and that he does not want her going thought the same thing. Ben told both Maddie and Ryn that everything will be fine.

The Brain Scan

After the accident Ben and Maddie talked with Nicole with having the same brain scan as Aldon Decker had just before he died. During Decker’s brain scan they noticed that most of his brain was covered with dark spots which is a sign of brain tumour. This just shows how powerful the siren song is and how it can affect the human mind. When both Maddie and Ben gets the brain scan, we get the feeling that both are in deep danger which could result in death. When they completed the brain scans and compared it to Decker’s brain, they saw how both Ben and Maddie had brain tumour but less then what Decker had. But in Bens brain scan we can see how much the song has already hurt him and that it is not a big different between his and decker’s.

The military decided to run some test of the recording of the song and it had some startling results. They evaluated the song on a rat and just a few seconds in, the rat killed itself. This just shows how powerful the song is and the reason Decker killed himself over it. Analysing the song even more they found out that it contained 100’s of different layers. Ben agreed to listen to each layer at a time to really understand how the song affects the human mind. During this scene we get to see how much he is willing to give up for Maddie and how he risks his life for her.

The Truth Behind The Siren Song

During the testing scene when Ben listens to the different layers of the song he experiences a roll coaster of emotions. As we know mermaids just their song for both defending themselves, but they also sing to people they love. When the military personal started to put on the different layers Ben started to experience both love, hate and scariness. In the first clip we get to see two throwbacks to the best moments between Ben and Ryn and how much he loves her. In the second clip we see the “worst” moments between them. It started with Ben trying to save her in the water which she later decided to attack him and we also got to see when Ben nearly died out by the sea when he thought that Ryn was in danger.

During this scene we learn a few interesting facts about the siren song. As the legends says the song has been used to heal people but also used to attack people. The different layers have different purposes. As one layer brought up the love Ben has for Ryn but other layers brought up all of his fears against her. Personally, for me it is interesting how a song can have such impact on a person.

The Dangerous Vision

After the testing scene of the episode we get to see how Maddie got impacted after hearing the song. She decided to hit up the local bar where Xander works. After a little conversation between them we see Maddie trying to kiss him. He flinched back and looks grossed out back at her. She quickly grabbed her jacket and jumped in her car to get to the dinner party. During the car we see her having a challenging time concentrating on driving. She decided to turn on the radio but as soon as she did hear Ryn singing. She looked at the radio confused as she tried to turn it off but nothing happening. When Maddie looked up, she saw Ryn standing in the middle of the road. She later understood that it all was just a vision.

This moment of the show just shows how many similarities the song impacted Maddie as it did to Ben. As we know Ben had a tough time dealing with the song which many of the cases nearly leading to his death. But as we know Ben heard the song because Ryn loved him compared to Maddie as she heard it because Ryn was threated. Ben did not have his visions after a couple of months while Maddie had it the same day.

The Dinner Party

The episode later skips to Ryn and Ben having dinner with his family. We clearly see during this scene that Maddie is late because everyone has started. Just before the dinner party Ben told Ryn not to tell the rest of the family about their relationship, they wanted to keep it as a secret. But when Maddie arrived, we noticed that she was not feeling well. She was dizzy and seeing visions. The vision she saw was that Ryn did not want to keep their relationship a secret anymore. Maddie later turned around a later told the whole family about their relationship together. Seconds later she turned towards Ryn and kissed her and later turned to Ben and kissed him to. She later ran off with both Ryn and Ben following her.

Tonight, episode was both exiting but also sad. We get to see some more facts about the Siren song and how it works. We also learn why Decker had a much harder time dealing with the song then Ben. But we also experienced some heartbreaks. Both Ben and Maddie are now poisoned by the song and if they cannot find a way to deal with the song fast both of them are in deep trouble. You can read my review, thoughts and ideas on the second episode here. The IMDB rating reached 7,8.

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