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Siren – season 2, Episode 12: “Serenity”

Siren – season 2, Episode 12: “Serenity”

As we mentioned in the last episode the tv-series decided to have a double release of episodes tonight. You can read the other article here. As we know the last episode held a few heart-breaking moments with the main characters getting even more hurt. But in the latest episode their luck gets turned around. Here are my review, thoughts, and ideas from tonight’s episode.

The first part of the double episode night left us kind of heart breaking feeling bad for both Maddie and Ben. We saw that both Maddie and Ben are getting much worse after both hearing the siren song and they are trying anything to find a solution to fix the problem. Tonight’s episode starts off with Ryn going back to the water to get help from an old friend. In the next couple of scenes, we get too see that both Levi and Eliza back from the sea. During this scene we get to learn that Eliza is one of the Mermaid healers. Ryn asked her for help to save both Ben and Maddie before its to late. But after a bit of analyse she learns that both of them are out of reached and that she can’t help them.

The Secret Mermaid Place

We later see that Ryn has a private discussion with Eliza about their colony. She explained that they have been able to find some more mermaids that have joined their colony but none of them are young. Ryn later replied with that they need to make more babies. During teaser trailer after the mid finale we saw Ryn being chased by the military because she was with a baby. But we cannot forget that there is not a lot of episode left of this season and a lot of events are still not solved. So, we are going to get a few hectic episodes up ahead.

She later explained that there is one way to save them before its to late. Both Ben and Maddie started to listen and asked, “then what?”. Ryn explained that them exist a place that are used to save and heal most of the mermaids when they get hurt. But the problem is that no human can make it down so far in the water. That is when Ben came up with the idea to ask the military for help.

Siren – season 2, Episode 12: “Serenity”
Ryn helping Ben and Maddie

Convincing The Military

After some discussion with the military they were able to convince them to help them to reach the special mermaid area. But as always, the military are playing their own angel and are using this moment to discover more about the mermaids and where more of them live. During this scene it feels like both Ben and Maddie does not feel like their being abused by the military, but the truth is that they are.

In the next scene we see the military gathered up with the machine that will able to bring them down to the special mermaid place. During this scene we really see how much effort the military has put into the mission with 30+ people and large amount of equipment. When Ben saw the machine, he started to get into a “nerd” state explaining how when he was in school the max depth in water a human has been is 1000 meters. While this machine was able to succeed more than three time that. When Ben entered the machine Ryn looks right into his eyes through the glass. Both of them quickly froze and got caught up in the moment.

The Trip Down

We later see all three Ben, Maddie and Ryn entering the machine. On the way down we see Ryn starring right out the window and seeing thousands of fishes. Maddie asks her if its different seeing underwater in a human body. She answers that its much more beautiful. Both Ben and Maddie starred at Ryn for quite some time until they got interrupted by a radio check from Nicole. After a few minutes of traveling we see some old runes in the bottom floor and later we hear Ryn saying “we wait”.

A couple of minutes later the floor starts to shake and the machine slowly gets “buried” in the sand. Ben then quickly disconnect the communication device and tell Maddie “that the military cant know everything.” As the machine fall through the ocean floor in enters an underground cave and then we see Eliza in her mermaid body. She later guided them to the secret mermaid place.  During their way down they get to see tuns of other mermaids that we have not seen before. We later see the ship going over a cliff and seeing an incredible view over a little city.

Siren – season 2, Episode 12: “Serenity”
Ryn talking to the military through radio

Ryn explained that this is where she was born and where most of her family live. As we know the show have recently stepped up their CGI work and been able impress us with a few impressive scenes. We get to see a formidable mermaid animation as well some incredible underwater “buildings”. During this scene we also get the feeling that the mermaids are starting to bound with the humans. As we know this secret place are one of the most important places for the mermaids.

The New Siren Song

After they entered the room Eliza guided them even deeper in the water. They followed her down in a cave that later led to an even bigger room. As soon as they entered a song started playing. The song at first had a lot of similarities to the siren song but was also different. All of them just starred down the glowing ball that was sending out the noise. We later see Ben turning around and starting the recording.

The next scene later skips back to the military base where both Ben and Maddie doing another brain scan. We later see that both of their brains have drastically improved. This shows how powerful the other siren song is. With just hearing the song both of their brains had improved and saved their life. From this perspective you can understand the militaries perspective with trying to experiment with the mermaids. Even the work they are doing is cruel against them, with their stem cells they can quickly heal paralyzed people and save people from brain tumours with just hearing a song.


We later see some more of our side characters in the next upcoming scenes. We see Xander meeting up with Nicole in her hotel. During this scene we understand that they are both getting back together with each other. When Xander jumped into the shower we see Nicole pulling her computer that had a live video feed from Ben, Maddie and Ryns apartment. Due to the video feed and communication “magically” disappeared Nicole has lost her trust to them. Because Ben, Maddie and Ryn has still a lot of secrets that they have not told the military will probably be exposed and their relationship are probably going to escalate. As we saw in the promo this is the way the military finds out that Ryn is pregnant in the future episodes.

The second part of the double episode was even more incredible. You can read the first part here Even though the episode didn’t contain some action scenes or intimate scenes between our main characters the episode still contained some awesome CGI scenes. Our main characters also got healed from the “poisoners” song. But as we already know Ben and Maddie are not the only one who needs to hear the song, Ryn also needed it. Then might we ask ourselves; did she also get healed or will this affect her? Overall this episode was great. The The IMDB rating reached 8,4 on tonight’s episode.

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