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Suits Season 9, Episode 7 Review: “Scenic Route”

Suits Season 9, Episode 7 Review: “Scenic Route”

Suits has finally released another episode of the show after a long two week break. Like the last week we have a different kind of episode than usual. This episode wasn’t focusing on our main theme for the tv show but rather focused on character building. We get to see Harvey and Samantha growing even closer and we also get to see Louise achieving some more inner peace with himself. If you haven’t read my review of the last episode of Suits you can do it here ”Whatever It Takes”. Here is my review of Suits season 9, episode 7.

As we know the last episode of the show ended with Harvey and Samantha building a closer relationship. Harvey agreed on traveling with Samantha to meet with her real parents for the first time. As we learned earlier this season, that Samantha has been growing up in foster care and never meet her biological parents before. After some time, she hired a private investigator to find out where here parents were located. After she was able to find out where her dad lived, she couldn’t decide if she should visit him or not. She was sitting on the address for a long time before deciding to meet with him.

Samantha and Harveys road trip

She decided to ask Harvey if he could travel with her to met with him. Harvey quickly agreed to her request. The episode starts off with Harvey picking her up in a car which he has rented at a car club. She quickly hesitated when she saw the car. Harvey asked if everything was alright which she replayed with that she has some bad memories with this car. We later see a flashback from when Samantha was younger where one of her foster parents car was accidently broken.

This moment of her childhood is one of the worst. During that scene she was trying to protect another child from receiving a beating by her foster parent. After a long time of living with him she finally built up enough courage to steal his car keys to escape. But after escaping in the car they unfortunately got pulled over by the police. The arrest led to both of them receiving new foster parents which she later spent her last childhood with. During this scene she explains that this is both a sad memory but also a happy one because at the end of the day we were able to get out of the hell hole.

During the road trip the car broke down where one of the wheels got popped. After the accident happened, we see Samantha receiving a small break down at Harvey and screaming at him. She told him that it was all his fault. Harvey asks her with a quieter voice if everything was all right? She replied that she is just stressed out to finally meet with her real parents which gave her away after birth.

Louise pretending to be Harvey

We cant forget about Louise in season 9, episode 7 where he is trying to preted to be Harvey, this act developts his charcter more than you know in Suits and here is my thoughts and review on it. Because Harvey was on a road trip the episode focuses on Louise in the office. The episode starts with Louise trying to live the life of Harvey. Spending a bit time in the office his phone rings. Louise picks up and pretends to be Harvey.

We learn that the caller is a client who needs help of Harvey and that the matter couldn’t wait. At first Louise tried to convince him that he couldn’t meet but after some discussion Louise agreed to meet with him. A couple of scenes later we see a Louise wearing a wig that looks like Harveys hair. We see him walking into a restaurant to meet with the client where every one was greeting him. Louise quickly grew into being Harvey.

Suits Season 9, Episode 7 Review: “Scenic Route”

Above all, both Louise and the client quickly grew to being “best” friends. During this scene we see Louise using one of Harveys line where he was telling Mike Ross on how he sees life. This quote is one of the famous lines from the show; “life is this, but I like this”. Everyone around the table burst out loud. During this scene we see how happy Louise are feeling when he starts to earn the respect wich he has always wanted. He always thinks Harvey has been living the higher life and with-it Louise has always been jealous of him. However, after the dining scene we see that Louise and the client signed even thought it existed a conflict of interest.

A couple of scenes later we see one of the older clients call up Harvey on his private number where he later figured out that Louise had been pretending to be him. However, both Harvey and Samantha pulled a little prank on him which they later explained to him that the best thing to do right now is for you to tell them the truth. Louise hesitated at first but later agreed that it is the best conceivable way out. After the problem was resolved we see Louise talking to Donna where he admits to her that he had a wonderful time pretending to be Harvey, but he also said that he also enjoys being himself. As we know Louise had a lot of trust problems before but during this episode, we see him growing where he finally admits that he is happy with his inner self.

Donna and the painting

After Donna helped Louise with his problem, we see her asking Alex for a favor. The favor was for someone to create a fake copy of a painting. When asking Alex, he first said that he wouldn’t be able to help her, but than she asked that in exchange he could get two favors back. We later see a couple of scenes where Alex tries to contact someone who could create a replica of a painting.

The episode ends of with Harvey coming home to Donna where she had prepared him a little gift. We see her picking up a painting. The painting was the old photo which his mother had created for him when he was younger. He lost it during a battle with one of his enemies. So, Donna thought it would be the perfect gift. We see Harvey looking happily at the painting. Overall the episode was very different than usually and didn’t contain any action. But I loved that we saw some throwbacks to when Samantha was younger. As we also know not even half of the cast was in this episode which did feel quite different. That sums up my review on Suits season 9, episode 7. The IMDB rating reached 7,9. >>Read my review on the last episode of Suit ”Whatever It Takes”

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