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The 100 - Season 6, episode 7 "Nevermind"

The 100 – Season 6 Episode 7: ”Nevermind”

The 100 really had taken an interesting turn this season. We are introduced to people with “dark blood” and people who has knowledge of immortality. A lot of fans were disappointed for the latest episode for not contributing to the larger story. While other fans thought that the episode were one of the best. Here are some of the fan’s reactions, thoughts, and a recap of the latest episode.

The latest episode of the show had a bit of throw back to some of the memorable moments of the show. We see some of Clarke Griffins darkest moments of the show and some of her best. The episode started with Clarke in a room filled with paintings on the walls. The most highlighted pictures were of her love Lexa When Clarke touches the walls, we see some flashes of some of the best moments of the show. Some of the highlights from her past was Finn, Lincoln being tortured, the deer with two heads, Clarke in her cell on the Ark and Madi. We also hear a lot of background noises like Octavia screaming “We are back bitches”, from the pilot episode of the show. During this scene we see some great details and who ever drew the pictures sure had put a lot of time into it.

Familiar faces

A couple of scenes later we see Clarke meeting a familiar face. She stubble upon her dead father. In this scene we see Clarke having an interesting talk with him. During their conversation Clarke admits how much she have missed him. I personally was surprised how they were able to get him back to the show. During their conversation we learn that Clarke is “trapped” in her subconscious mind. We later discover the real reason she is trapped. Apparently, Clarke never died when Josephine entered her body. The episode is based on that Josephine are trying to convince Clarke to show how she can permanently remove Clarke from her brain. During the episode we see a lot of fighting both mental and physical between Josephine and Clarke.

During these scenes we are also introduced to another familiar face, A.L.I.E. Ironically, she wants to help Clarke and saving her mind. A.L.I.E says that if Josephine sees the memory of Raven being wiped, she’ll know how to remove Clarke from her own brain. So, she gives her this important memory as a key and tells her to hide it.

The unfair advantage

During the fight with Josephine, we learn that if Clarke dies in her mind spaces it will result in Clarke dying permanently. But that is not the case for Josephine. Clarke understood that the only way she would be able to survive is to hide. We learn that in Clarkes Mindspace Josephine has the advantage. She can sense where Clarke location is at all times. As Clarke runs to escape her, she is forced to face all her demons and worst moments in the show. During the escape Clarke encounters projections of Octavia and Maya. During their conversation they talked about past events and how they have haunted Clarke to the current day. Josephine notices that Clarke is in a dark place and therefore uses it to convince Clarke to give up. After a lengthy conversation Clarke agreed to the terms and gave her the infinity stone.

Josephine in Clarke body

A couple of scenes later we see Clarke later stubbles upon Monty. We learn that he was the voice in Clarkes head telling her not to give up. Monty was able to convince Clarke that she cannot give up and need to fight Josephine. He tells her that letting their people live while the primes are murdering everyone is not the way to go. They walked together into Josephine’s mind space to figure out a way to save Clarke.

The last days of earth before destruction

When both Clarke and Monty entered her Mindspace we see what Josephine worst moment is. We learn that a guy had a crush on her, and she was just “playing” with his love. Therefore, he decided to kill himself right in front of her. During this scene both Clarke and Monty learn that they can use that memory to send out a message. They were able to send out A-L-I-V-E to Bellamy in morse code.

A lot of fans had mixed feeling from the latest episode of the show. The pattern I found was that you either loved the episode or hated it. Here are some of the reactions:

“I hate filler episodes, and it was also fan service, I love the show but come on bro, the ending is so stupid, Morse code… because of the tapping on an arm.”

“Wow, “Nevermind” was a thriller of an episode centered entirely around Clarke and Josephine’s fight for control of Clarke’s mind and body. We got to take a literal trip down memory lane with characters and events of the show’s past…”

Either way the show has taken an interesting path and a lot of fans can’t wait to see what will happen in the upcoming episodes. Read more at Purefandom, Ew. The IMDB rating reached 9,2.

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