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The 100 – Season 6 Episode 8

The 100 – Season 6, Episode 8: The Old Man and the Anomaly

The latest episode of the 100 reminds us of the layout of the show’s episodes. Tonight’s episode our main characters had some setbacks in the process oachving their main goal. We also get to see some of the old characters back like Marcus Kane. Later in the episode we see that the old Octavia back.

The show picks up right where the last episode ended. It started with a conversation between Josephine and her dad. During their conversation they continue talking about how they are going to remove Clarke from her body before their brain dies. We find out that John Murphy’s love Emori decided to help the bad guys. During their conversation both of them find out that Clarke is still alive in her body, and that they need their help to remove her. Emori decided to help them because Clarke and she has not always been on the best terms and that she is in love with John. In order for her to help them she needs an electrical bracelet from Bellamy (that they used earlier in the show for prisoners). The bracelet will shorten out Josephine’s brain and remove Clarke from her memories.

Bellamy trying to save Clarke before she is dead

Madi’s plan

Bellamy, Madi, Echo and Jordan discussed a plan on how to save Clarke. During the recent episodes we have seen Madi fighting and trying to embrace the other commanders. But during the ceremony she had a tough time to fighting against the dark commander. During their conversation she sees a ghost of him. Right after that she interrupts the conversations and said, “why don’t we kill them all”. During that line we understand that the dark commander has taken over a big part of her. After the line she explains her plan, “first we kill a night blood, so they think that the children of the forest are attacking. Then all the other leaders will gather in the big hall where we later can massacre all of them.”

Later in the episode we see that Madi executes her own plan by herself. She executed one with nights blood and her husband. We later hear the alarm going after and security guards asking everyone to get to the main hall. A couple of scenes later we see Madi sneaking up and trying to kill another leader. But she failed miserably and by mistake stabbed Jordan.

In a couple of scenes later we see Emori asking for the bracelet from Bellamy. That is when she admits to Bellamy that Clarke are still alive. With his reaction she understood that he already knew. Emori had a change of heart and wanted to help them to save Clarke. Bellamy started explaining their plane to her, but she quickly interfered and said, “she doesn’t have days, she will be dead in a couple of hours”. Bellamy told the others that they needed to act quickly if they wanted to save Clarke in time.

Saving Clarke

After the extended conversation Emori agreed to plan. The plan included to bait out Josephine and John to the outer boarders where they later can save Clarke. The plan was not flawless and during the execution Josephine threated to kill John Murphy if they temporarily destroyed radiation field. Emori started to hesitate if she should have continued with the plan. But a couple of seconds later Emori shorten the defence system. Josephine sliced John in his leg and a couple of seconds later there was blood everywhere. Bellamy grabbed Josephine and later dragged her outside the radiation field. When Bellamy was outside the field it quickly turned back on and both of them disappeared in the woods.

We later see Emori beside Johns side trying to stop the bleeding. We hear the alarm in the background and motorcycles closing in on them. John looks up at Emori and tells her to run for her life. But she answered, “you will always be the love of my life”.

Familiar face back to the show

During tonight’s episode we also have some other interesting stories. We see both Clarkes mom Abby trying to save her former husband Markus Kane. But in order for her to achieve it she needs to take another person’s life. She did not even blink before she did it. We later see Raven trying to convince her to stop. Abby answered with “wouldn’t you do anything to save a person you love?”. Raven responded with “not if that included taking an innocent life in the process”. Even after this event we understand how messed up their relationship is. During multiple occasions of the show Abby has taken the worst possible decision and during the processes hurting other people, like Raven.

Abby achieving her goal and reviving her old love, Markus

But after a couple of scenes later we see Raven helping Abby, not because she forgave her but because there was not any way to go back. The episodes end with Abby achieving her goal and reviving her old love, Markus.

Another amazing part of the episode was when we got back the “old” Octavia. Both Octavia and Charmaine have been growing close to each other during the latest season. As we know Octavia got hurt a couple of episodes ago and started to lose motivation for living. During a weird weather storm that brings up a person’s desire or worst fears. Octavia saw a ghost of her brother being tied up. She reacted with a scream in fear and sadness. Charmaine saw her “future” child showing her directions. Her kid led her to a fire storm, where we later see her walking into. Octavia tried to stop her as she ran into the fire. We later see her running out of the storm with all of her wounds healed.


A lot of fans were both excited and happy with tonight’s episode. The episode included both Emori and John switching side, we get to see some more scenes with Abby and Raven, and lastly Markus is alive again. You can read my review and recap of the last episode Nevermind.  The show continues in a fantastic way and I look forward to what will happen in the upcoming episodes. The IMDB rating reached 9,1.

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