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Lucifer And Chloe

The Best Lucifer Tributes

Since Netflix picked up the TV-show Lucifer their fan-base has been growing rapidly. Lucifer has been the most binged show on the mobile app tv-time ever since the release of season 4. The show has also been on the most popular series for weeks on Netflix.

We know that season five has been confirmed and the fans of the show are even more exited then ever before. You can read my article on LUCIFER SEASON 5: EVERYTHING WE KNOW SO FAR. But to deal with the wait I have been gathering over 60 episodes of Lucifer tributes. Here are the best once I found. You can see the full playlist HERE.

Lucifer & Chloe ● The Story Never Ends [s4]

Lucifer & Chloe // Say Something

► Lucifer & Chloe | Turning Page

Lucifer & Chloe ✘ The Night We Met

Lucifer and Chloe: “Dusk Till Dawn”

lucifer & chloe | halo

Chloe & Lucifer // This is not happening

Lucifer & Chloe || Play with Fire

Lucifer & Chloe II Wicked game [S4]

Chloe Decker II Lovely

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