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Top 10 Animes Streaming On Netflix

I bring you a list of top ten anime that are currently on Netflix. Now this list is not in a particular order and is based completely off of my opinion in my opinion alone. In this realm, anything is possible. With layers of complex storylines woven into a blend of action, adventure, part love story, and all philosophical, animes have a charm all its own. Further in mind let’s get right into it.

Number 10: Sword Art Online

sword art online

Okay so this one’s a little bit cheaty but I’m rolling these into one which would be sword art online seasons 1 & 2. The show follows the story of Kazuto kitty Gaea aka Kirito through the virtual worlds of iron cred gun Gale online and Alf lamb while online. For a modernize a kind of anime this one did start a bit of a trend holding 50 episodes over two seasons. While not everyone’s favorite and there are a couple of episodes I personally don’t care for. I think this is one that everyone should at least watch once. And don’t forget that they made a spinoff with gun Gale online.

Number 9: Fairy Tail

fairy tell

Fairy tale is a story which generally follows the journey of the Dragon slayer wizard and the other members of the guild Fairy Tail. Netflix is hosting the series with 48 episodes full of guild camaraderie action and Wonder and is an easy sit down and watch. One of my favorites and is an amazing watch to remember. Don’t forget that Fairy Tail is also continuing on other streaming services, but this is a good place to start for those new to the series

Number 8: Naruto

Naruto is a story about Naruto Uzumaki and his journey through the world of Shinobi. This is the first part of the Naruto saga and boasts 135 episodes which easily makes it a binge worthy to watch. I love this show and with Boruto currently coming out with regular episodes on other streaming platforms it’s never a bad thing to go back to where it all started.

Number 7: Code Geass

Code Geass

The story of Lelouch Britannia as he makes his way through a broken war-torn world divided into three superpowers. The holy Britannian Empire the Chinese Federation and the European Union. This story is an amazing mecha adventure thriller with Netflix hosting 50 episodes over the course of two seasons. With this anime being over ten years old it holds up amazingly well and if you haven’t seen it go check it out at your earliest convenience. A little bit of a warning though this is a little bit dated and the first couple episodes don’t really leave much to the imagination. They’re a little bit dry in my opinion but just get past those first two and then like go with it.

Number 6: Soul Eater

Soul Eater

The Soul Eater is set at death weapon Meister Academy where the main goal of students is to have their weapons defeat and absorb the souls of 99 evil humans and one witch. Which is said to turn their weapons into death sights greatly increasing their power. The story follows the characters of maka on her site partner Soul Eater assassin black star and his partner Tsubaki naka Tsukasa and death the kid and his pistol partners Liz and Patty Thompson. 51 episodes at 23 minutes a pot means a good watch for those who want an action-packed filled adventure that just gets weird enough.

Number 5: One Punch Man

one punch man

One punch man the critically acclaimed one punch man is a perfect short but sweet watch at 12 episodes full of amazing action and stellar animation. This is a perfect watch and re-watch again as you follow the hero Saitama as he punches things really, really hard. With season 2 available on other streaming services there’s no better time to give this show some of your time. Also, at running at 12 episode this is sort of a really easy sit down and watch in like one or two sessions. So, if you’re just looking for like a good Sunday where you just want to binge watch something this is a perfect fit. You can read my review of the latest season Here.

Number 4: Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

The story follows as Fujioka has to pay off her debt to the host club while pretending to be a male host. A fan favored among many different communities for a light and impactful disposition. This is a well worth watching you’re looking for some of that gooey gooey highschool romance. Also reverse hair and warning.

Number 3: The Irregular at Magic High School

the irregular at magic high school

In a world where magic exists and has been polished through modern technology, we follow the story of Tatia sheba. Tatia and his sister Miyuki enroll into the prestigious first high school which segregates its students based on their magic abilities. While a me yuki enrolled as a first course student Tatsuya didn’t quite make the cut and is considered a second course student, aka a weed. This is a story where you get an underdog yet Opie protec who simply doesn’t fit into the standardized rankings around him. This anime is a mix of a number of different subjects and genres but the way it’s all put together is in such a well done unique and polished way that I can’t help but to love this show and put this on the list.

Number 2: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

I know Netflix has both full metal alchemist series on currently, but Brotherhood is going to get its own spot because I just personally like it more and it covers all 27 bodies of the manga. The story of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood follows the brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric through the amazing and yet grim world of alchemy. This is a bombshell of a series in a world so rich with characters that it makes me wonder if there are any of you out there who haven’t heard of it or haven’t watched it. I know for many people that this is the anime they got people into anime so at 64 episodes 23 minutes a pop gives this a goddamn watch.

Number One: Hunter Hunter

hunter hunter

Well this list is based on my opinion I always think number one’s got to go to something really good. So here you go hunter hunter follows the story of gone freaks who leaves his home of whale island to become an accomplished hunter. Meeting and befriending the three other applicants of kuta pika lee oreo and kill you was Zoldak.

A memorable adventure takes place so hunter hunter on Netflix only has three out of the six total arks but it’s not a bad starting point for like anybody who’s new to the series. I think everyone should watch this series at least once since the cast of characters and villains are both so very large and everyone is having ample motives for their goals and every character is also very diverse and different. Netflix has the first fifty-eight episodes currently and with each one adding to a huge world I recommend watching the series as soon as you can.

And that is my list for today and I know I left out a bunch of shows that Netflix is currently hosting both Netflix originals and other anime. I think they’re all amazing except a handful of them so I’m working on another list covering some of my other favorites. So down below what series are your favorites leave a comment down below if you really want to support me then maybe consider sharing to friends and family. You can also watch this video for more info.

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