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Watchmen “See How They Fly” – Episode 9

Watchmen “See How They Fly” – Episode 9

The finale episode of Watchmen has just arrived at our doorsteps. After 9 long weeks the series adaption has finished with one of the best endings in tv-shows history. As we know from the start the series has been extreme complex with events that doesn’t make any sense. But finally, it all connects and adds up. Here is my review and thoughts on the finale episode of Watchmen “See How They Fly” – Episode 9.

The episode starts off with Adrian in his lab at the north pool during 1985. We see his lab filled with Vietnamese working and helping him out. The scene starts of with Adrian recording a video which will be viewed in a couple of months later by the president. When we first saw the video was when “The mirror guy” had just been captured by the cavalry. It was at this point when the shows pace really started to get going.

The scene later skips to a woman impregnating herself with Adrian’s babies which later would grow up and become Lady Triue. We never got to understand the real reason she did it, but it could be that she knew that her baby would help to save the world. As we know Lady Triue resurrected her mother from the dead. With it, we can see that they both have worked hand in hand trying to save the world.

We later have another time skip where we see Adrian and Lady Triue reconnecting. At first Adrian thought that she just was another fan but later she revealed that she knew that he was the one who sent the squid to New York and killing half of the population. She also told him the truth which was that she was his daughter or subject 115. They both had an interesting sit down where Lady Triue explains that his action was necessary to save the world from each other.

In the Watchmen movie we see that the problem with humanity, they needed to be friends rather than enemies. She later than explains her plan to save the rest of the earth from each other using Dr Manhattans power. Adrian quickly sees the idea as something impossible because Manhattan is located at the other side of the universe which she later replies that she was able to ping his location and that he is located on one of Jupiter’s moons.

We than skip ahead in time where we see Adrian being trapped in a prison where the last episode ended off. During this moment we start to understand why he has been acting the way he has been. During his conversation with his daughter she explained that a satellite will past the Jupiter’s moon (which allegedly Dr Manhattan is staying) in 5 years. Therefore, Adrian have been killing of so many of his servants to create a sign for her. We later see a rocket landing on the moon which has been sent by his daughter to save him. He escapes prison and have a bit of a fight with the mask servant. The fight ended in death as we later see Adrian entering the ship which is on its way back to earth.

The Beginning Of The End

We are later brought back to the cavalry hideout where we see Laurie being tied to a chair where she is forced to see her old boyfriend (Dr Manhattan) get killed. In the latest episode we saw that one of the leaders of the cavalry had plan to absorbed Dr Manhattans power. After Laurie talks with him his radio goes of which were a soldier explains that they have some problems with extracting Manhattan.

Watchmen “See How They Fly” – Episode 9

The radio messages were from the fight we saw last episode which is when Angela where fighting for her husband’s life (Dr Manhattan). But as we know the last episode ended of with her losing him. He is quickly teleported to a cage which is indestructible for Manhattan. We than see Angela quickly getting into her car to try and save him. But as soon as she arrives at the cavalry hideout everything is in its place and she is defeated.

But as expected the cavalry had no idea what was really going on. When the switch was turned on which should have transferred Dr Manhattans power to the other guy, but instead it teleported the whole facility to another place. The new place had been prepared by Lady Triue. This shows that her plans along was to use the cavalry to capture him and later she would kill of the rest of the gang.

Dr Manhattan was able to use a bit of his power to teleport a few of the heroes in the room to the offsite facility in the north where they should be able to save the world. But when teleporting them Manhattan decided to leave Angela. He explained to her that he didn’t want to die alone. We see both of them having their last moments together where we see him explain to Angela that he has always known that this moment will happen and there is nothing you can change about it. This is another notable example in tv-shows which it shows that the future is bound to happened and that it cannot be changed. We later see the globe being lit up and sucking Dr Manhattans life force out.

The Solution To The Problem

As we know Dr Manhattan teleported detective glass, Adrian, and Laurie to the offsite facility in the north. As we saw in the Watchmen movie Adrian had the philosophy that no man should have the power of the gods and therefore, he understood that Dr Manhattan couldn’t exist in their universe. The only way to do it was to make Dr Manhattan an outcast. Now in the series he sees his daughter trying to achieve the power of the gods. He understood that what he did to Manhattan needed to be done to her. Adrian quickly understood that Dr Manhattan teleported them for a reason and that the key to defeating his daughter lays in his base.

He came up with a plan to send the innocent baby squids to the town, but to make them deadly he will freeze them mid air which will result in the damage as a bullet. But Adrian also understood the risk that everyone within a few blocks would be obliterated. We later see the scene skipping back to Lady Triue where she is seconds from receiving Manhattans power but is stopped when the sky fillies up with raining squids. The machine holding his power quickly gets destroyed and we see Lady Triue die.

Watchmen “See How They Fly” – Episode 9

The villain is finally dead but with a cost of our main character Dr Manhattan. My expectations for the tv-show has been pretty low because the whole story is mainly built on events that had nearly wasn’t relevant at all to Watchmen. But when they introduced Manhattan in the episode “A god walks into a bar” I quickly grew to like the show. All events started to connect, and the plot finally started to make sense. But his character quickly died in the show with a heart-breaking moment (as he true self and not the wife of Angela).

The episode ends of with Angela meeting with her grandfather for the first time after she ate the mind pills and seeing his entire life. During their conversation they both admitted that they wanted to be together. When Angela comes home with her children and grandfather she looked into the kitchen where the eggs laid on the ground which she threw in rage at Manhattan. She started to clean them up from the floor and she quickly saw that an egg was still unbroken and left in the basket. She picked it up and looked at it. She got a throwback to when she first met with Manhattan where he explained that he could theoretical transport his ability to a living organism like an egg and the person eating it would receive the equally powers as him. She went outside and stepped close to her pool where she later picks up the egg and eats it. We see her stepping her foot inside the pool and BANG. The season ended. With this type of ending the show do have a lot of possibilities in the future.

Quick Recap and The Future Of The Show

At the beginning of the show it mostly felt more like a side story in the same universe as the movie Watchmen. But then we got introduced to both Adrian and Laurie which was two main characters in the movie. This resulted in that the plot mostly didn’t make much sense and most of the events happening didn’t have any meaning. But then we finally got to see Dr Manhattan and all the events started to connect with each other. This made the tv-show not just a follow up of the movie but much more. The whole plot was extremely beautifully written with events which assembled back to the first episode. The show has attracted a lot of attention and the probably will release a next season of it. That concludes my review of finale episode of Watchmen “See How They Fly” – Episode 9.

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