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White Collar – The Criminal Informant And Con Artist

White Collar – The Criminal Informant And Con Artist

The TV-show White Colar aired on USA Network and lasted for six seasons. The show grew quickly in the begging but losing some of its viewers after a couple of seasons. But the producers listened to it viewers and made the show even more incredible. They were able to win back the show ratings and views. White collar was recently added to Netflix and the show’s ratings and views grew quickly. Because the producers of the show decided early that the show shouldn’t contain to many seasons and therefore, they were able to get the best possible ending. So, is the show worth watching?

The television show White Collar is not the normal crime fighting series. It stars Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey, a con artist who ends up working for the FBI as a criminal informant. Time Dekay playing as agent Peter Burke is Neal Caffrey’s handler. Neal Caffrey struggles between being a con artist and breaking the law or going completely clean. The reason he decided to help the FBI was to minimize the time he would spend in jail so he could help his lost girlfriend. Caffrey takes the average white-collar job and transform it into an interesting story.

The storyline

In the pilot episode we see Caffrey making an incredible prison break all alone. He disappeared in seconds and the FBI was clueless on where he could have gone. The FBI decided to call agent Peter Burk. He was the only one that was able to catch Caffrey and imprison him. It doesn’t take long before Burk knew exactly where Neal has disappeared to. He understood that he was after finding his girlfriend. The agent later found Neal in his girlfriend’s apartment. After the capture Neal asked to Burk if he could become a criminal informant and in exchange get reduced sentenced. Because Peter Burk felt sorry for him, he decided help. After the pilot, the show just kept growing and becoming increasingly interesting after every episode.

Often in these types of shows we follow a certain theme, and anyone can predict every event before it happens. This is also the reason most crime fighting series die out quickly. But in White Collar there are many things that the viewer wouldn’t see coming. After months of Agent Burke and Neal working together, they developed a deep relationship. They don’t just spend time with each other at the office but rather are best friends. They work well together and enjoy each other’s company. During the show’s storyline Neal abuses the relationship he has with the FBI for his own personal gain. Therefore, the show isn’t just about capturing criminals but rather about Neal Caffrey’s journey. We get to see Neal Caffrey completing multiple thefts and his incredible con artist skills.

WHITE COLLAR — Episode 415 ‘The Original’ — Pictured: (l-r) Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey, Tim DeKay as Peter Burke — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/USA Network)

Character layout

While Neal and agent Burk might be the stars of the show, they can’t be solving crimes all by themselves. The show features a lot of supporting characters. There are a few FBI agents that oversees and working with Neal. They are Diana Barrigan and Clinton Jones. Both characters are good and needed in the show. Then we also have Neal’s best friend and crime fighting partner Mozzie. Mozzie plays a big part of the show where both watch out for each other. Mozzie even got an own episode in the show “The dentist of Detroit”.

The cast of White Collar is Matt Bomer playing as Neal Caffrey, Tim Dekay as Peter Burke, Willie Garson as Mozzie, Tiffani Thiessen as Elizabeth Burke, Marsha Thomson as Diana Berrigan, Sharif Atkins as Clinton Jones, and Alexandra Daddario as Kate (Neal’s girlfriend).

Our opinion

The producers decided to end the show on season six where they could round up all lose ends and get the perfect ending the show deserves. The show has a good balanced with the amount of episode in each season. Often seasons that has around 20 episodes often has a lot of fillers. But the producers did an excellent job on keeping the show interesting through all seasons. Because of this I would highly recommend watching the show. The show made it to my “Top 6 Shows” in January of 2019.

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