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Siren – Season 2, Episode 9: ”No North Star”

Siren – Season 2, Episode 9: ”No North Star”

The long-waited show is finally back with another episode. Tonight’s episode “No North Star” were even more interesting and exciting than we imagined. Fans of the show were extremely satisfied and already looking forward for the upcoming episodes.

The show picks up right where it left off in the breath-taking mid-season finale. Ben and Maddie rush out to the boat after Xander’s “SOS” message. After last episode when the oil rig was taken down Xander’s boat caught on fire after the struggle with one of the mermaids. Both Xander and Calvin ended up trapped on the boat and having a tough time finding their way out. Ben and Maddie get Calvin out but had a challenging time finding where Xander is. Ben finds his way through the smoke-filled room and was able to find him lying in the bathrooms floor. When all of them were safe on the separate boat Ben asked if someone could call the coast guard. But Xander quickly responded with “Let it burn.”

The scene later cuts to the ocean where the mermaids gathered around Sarge to say their final goodbyes after his dramatic death. Ryn gently removes his necklace that was given to him by Helen. They all say goodbye as his body disintegrates into the sand of the ocean. This moment of the episode was enormously powerful and sad because how the relationship between him and Helen has ended.

The siren song

The show later skips two weeks forward in time seeing both ben and Maddie struggling and missing Ryn’s absence. In their conversation Maddie noticed that Ben didn’t have such hard time as her. This is when he confessed that he had started listing to the recording of Ryn singing. She gently asked if she could listen to it. They both laid down on the bed smiling as a they heard the recording. At this moment you release that their connection between one a another operates like a drug. They cannot think about anything else but each other. A couple of scenes later Ben open his door to his house. He noticed that Ryn is finally back after the struggle in the ocean. Ben and Maddie excitedly hug and kisses her.

Xander’s current situation looks rough. After his boat burned down, he decided not to cash in the insurance because he wanted all his memorize of his dad to rest. In one of the opening scenes we see him in his underwear with multiple bears in front of him. He later opens at the door and sees his ex-girlfriend. Nicole tells him that the only reason she is here, is because she cares about him. But because she betrayed him for a long time Xander cannot forgive her. After she leaves, we she her investigating all research done by Decker. Later in the episode we see Nicole visiting Ben and Maddie and showing them the video of Ryn at research facility. Both looks surprised and ask each other why she would help them. We later find out in the episode that the only reason she decided to help was because Ben was in danger. Ryn also mentions her favourite quote that “Ben is love”.

Siren, Ryn Breaking free

Ben are later in the episode called to the hospital because him mother isn’t well. The trail treatment Decker recommended was causing unexpected reactions. The treatment is causing multiple parts of her body to paralyze and the risk of it spreading to her lungs. When they arrived in the hospital Ryn sees humans suffering from various illnesses. She later walks into Bens mothers’ hospital room. Ryn puts her hand on Elaine and sings the siren’s song to her. We later see Ben in the background interrupting the song with a smile. She explains that the song “moves pain away”. Ben kept smiling and later decided to kiss Ryn as Elaine in the background sees a glimpse of them kissing. During the hospital scene Ben finds out that they have been able to uncover some footage after the destruction of the oil rig. In some scenes later we see his dad watching the video. The video is a bit fussy, but he was able to see that some human like creature was the reason for the damage.

Helping the enemy

Ben is heartbroken after his mother’s illness. Nicole comes to the hospital to tell Ben the research Decker had done could save his mother. Ben then decided to ask Ryn if the military could run some test on her in order save his mother. Ben and Maddie told Nicole that they have to be there in every step of the process. After watching the episode, a lot of fans felt like the military have a bigger plan rather than just running some test on Ryn.

Tonight’s episode was much more interesting then imagined. The story and its plots are heading in a wonderful direction and fans cannot wait for the upcoming episodes. The producers have done an excellent job with the story keeping a good balance between the action and drama.

You can read my review on the next episode here “All in”. The IMDB rating of the episode reached 9,0.

The long-waited show is finally back with another episode. Tonight’s episode “No North Star” were even more interesting and exciting than we imagined. Fans of the show

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